The 11/11 Portal is a time of deep spiritual healing and connection to our divine power. It is a time of creation and elevation into our truth and potential.

Throughout this time, we are being asked to connect with the divine and allow the Divine Light of Source to flow in, to help us be one with who we truly are, to allow us to live in the powerful self expression of who we’re here to be.

Trusting in oneself is a key aspect of this journey, and with the energetic potential of 11/11, not only will you rise up into a deeper awareness of yourself and who you are, but you will also access the connection you have with your magnificent potential.

This is what is expressed through your truth and your powerful ability to create your desires.

As you step into this powerful energy of your truth and self expression, your creative potential is magnified and exponentially grows.

This is what the 11/11 Portal is all about – helping us to become master manifestors, to live from our hearts and elevate into our truth.

This special energetic time period is one that will lift you up into a greater sense of awareness of who you are, and bring you into vibrational alignment with your soul and heart’s desires.

Join Cristina Aroche and the Archangels for a special channelled 11/11 Frequency Activation and Healing to support you on your journey of living the life you truly desire!

This channelled healing meditation will help you to:

— Become more clear and connected to your soul’s true power and potential

— Become more aware of the divine guidance that is coming through and always around you

— Feel empowered and confident in your ability to create and manifest your desires

— Raise your frequency and vibration to be further connected to your divine truth and powerful potential

— Accelerate the manifestation process by helping you tune into the path of the greatest good

When and how to use this healing meditation:

This meditation has been pre-recorded to give you instant access as soon as you sign up.

The best time to listen to this meditation is any time between November 11th through the 13th, as these 3 days are when the 11/11 Portal is at its most potent energy.

You can listen to this meditation as many times as you like, beyond the 11/11 time period. Subsequent healing sessions with this guided meditation will help maintain your frequency and vibration to be aligned with your soul’s desires.

A downloadable PDF is also included with journaling prompts to support you in the integration and connection with the energy you will receive from this healing.

Receive access to this powerful 11/11 Frequency Activation instantly when you sign up for just $29!!!

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