Lessons from my personal journey

Lesson #1

You need to make the decision that you are going to take control of your life and live in the way you were meant to live – full of joy, love, peace and abundance.

We have an IMMENSE co-creative power with the Universe. We are completely in control of our lives, if we choose to be. We can consciously create our reality and literally design a life that we absolutely love and be living it. Choose right now to be a powerful co-creator with the Universe. All you have to do is show up for your part and the Universe will meet you halfway.

Lesson #2

Following your passions and interests will always lead you in the right direction.

Our emotions are a direct guidance system to help us on our journey. The things that excite us and that inspire us are the things for us to pursue and explore. They are the next right steps along our path and lead us towards the growth and knowledge that we need in order to serve the world in the way we were meant to.

Lesson #3

You need to have a regular spiritual practice (meditation, prayer, journalling, etc) in order to accelerate your spiritual growth so that you can live your soul’s purpose.

Our spiritual growth and evolution throughout our life is a CRUCIAL aspect of our purpose. Your soul came here for growth. It came here to learn from the challenges and experiences you go through in life. And so connecting with the Universe and awakening to your own spirituality is absolutely needed for you to fully understand and embrace your purpose.

Lesson #4

Take the opportunities that are exciting and scary. They are the ones that will lead to massive growth and expansion.

When you make the decision to step up and live your purpose, the Universe is going to meet you with open doors and opportunities. YOU ARE READY! Even if it feels like you aren’t ready, you are. The fear that shows up with exciting opportunities is the ego trying to keep you safe and inside your comfort zone. Thank your ego for trying to protect you, but tell it that you don’t need its protection and that your soul has it under control.

Lesson #5

Trust that you are supported.

I think this is the hardest one. So often we doubt ourselves or the guidance receive, or we feel like we’re all alone and totally unsupported. But the truth is that the Universe is ALWAYS guiding you, directing you, and is ALWAYS working for your highest good.

One of the most direct ways we can receive this guidance is by working with the Archangels. Their exact purpose is to help humanity through its life’s journey on Earth. They are here to guide us back to reconnecting with our soul and to help us rise up to our highest potential. The Archangels bring us direct messages, as well as healing, to help us move forward from a place of love. They help us remember who we truly are and what our soul has come here to do.

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