Become attuned to next-level abundance frequencies, wealth and flow.

There is something about the way we connect with money that is shifting in our world.

We are shifting from a place of needing to “earn” our money, which was the traditional way of doing things, and moving into a place where we receive wealth and abundance because that is who we inherently ARE.

As you grow in your spiritual connection with your soul and the Divine Universe, your relationship with money gets to change as well.

You no longer have to struggle to meet your minimum requirement to live, and instead you get to live in abundance and overflow… Because that’s just a natural part of your spiritual being and essence.

You are here on this Earth to fulfill a divine purpose and live from the desires of your heart. So naturally you will be supported by the Universe in this process.

What it takes though, is to open up to that frequency and to allow that abundance to flow in.

It takes understanding what it means to be living from that place of abundance, which is different than when you are just trying to make a monthly minimum.

It’s about knowing how to be in the energy of overflow – ALWAYS. No matter what is going on in your life or how you are feeling on a particular day.

This is a whole new elevation of energy, and I’m SO excited to share it with you.



A 7-week powerful course where you will be guided through the process of true money empowerment and reaching next-level wealth in your life.

No more struggles or questioning yourself when it comes to receiving money.

No more staying at the same income level or playing it safe, “just in case”.

The big desires of your heart that require money as a tool are meant to be fulfilled, and this course will show you the way.

For me, this level of abundance frequency has looked like…

  • Doubling my monthly income with ease into multi-five figure levels
  • Paying off over $80,000 in debt in less than 12 months
  • Consistently saving and having overflow in my account
  • Being able to invest and support the things that truly matter to me


All with a greater level of ease + flow, and being true to myself and how I’m meant to show up in this world.

I want you to know that this is possible for you too!!!

Whatever you desire to experience with money as your tool, you can do it all. It’s just a matter of opening up to a higher frequency and level of receiving.

If you are ready to open up and receive the true wealth and abundance that you deserve, then the Abundance Frequency course is for you!


7 weekly lessonslessons include teachings, energy healings/journeys with the angels, powerful frequency activations and transmissions + practical steps for integration every week

Private FB group for guidance and support

Lifetime access to all course material and recordings

What we’re going to cover:

Week 1

What it means to be tuning into abundance frequencies and how to start.

Week 2

Aligning and attuning to your next level of wealth.

Week 3

Frequency activation (energetic transmission from Cosmic Angels).

Week 4

The practical actions and daily routines to support the new frequencies.

Week 5

How to raise your vibration when things feel off.

Week 6

How to have consistency and maintain your new level of abundance.

Week 7

Allowing more flow to come in, so you never feel stuck ever again.

Unless you have done one of Cristina’s courses, you cannot know just how powerful her work is. If you have done one of her meditations you will have an idea, but to experience the real energy and power of the work, it needs to be experienced in a structured program.

Her work is unique, honest, professional. She gives so much of herself. High vibrational beings are her guides. Everything she teaches and shares comes from a high vibration frequency.

Anyone who is serious about what they are sending out into the world, who wants to help by sending out light and love, who wants to fulfill their Soul’s purpose in this life, needs to do one of Cristina’s courses.

Cristel Philp

***Starts April 22nd, 2021***

Spots are limited.

Course runs from April 22nd – June 3rd, 2021. Lessons are every Thursday at 12:30pm PDT. If you are unable to join live, the recording will be available to you. You do NOT need a Facebook account to take full advantage of this course!

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Total investment $1,188


Cristina’s spiritual gifts are phenomenal! However, many people have spiritual gifts. What sets Cristina apart, in my opinion, is that she is the most humble, kind, and truly loving, person I have ever worked with.

I felt safe releasing my truths to her- good and bad. She has taught me things about the Divine Essence of myself and all others, that were beyond my wildest dreams.

~Joan Tomlin


I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience, and that Cristina is such an amazing, patient mentor and guiding me with love and compassion and helping me to grow in such a big way that I am now able to start fulfilling my real life purpose here on Earth.

~Trudi Van Huyssteen


Overall, it was such an amazing and incredible experience. Cristina was so down to earth, compassionate, nonjudgmental, kind, knowledgeable, intuitive, and special. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would sincerely recommend working with her to anyone.

If you resonate with Cristina and are feeling called to work with her my advice to you is to GO FOR IT! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain <3

~Kelly Espino


It would be without a doubt that Cristina and the Archangels work wonders, being guided and supported by Cristina and the angels was a reassuring feeling knowing there would be no judgement on your outcome.

~Yvette Munasinghe


Cristina has helped me gain clarity on how I’m meant to serve others with my spiritual gifts. Through Cristina’s healing meditations with the A Angels and channelled guidance, I have peeled back the layers of my fears and have a clearer vision moving forward.

Cristina brings a beautiful, nurturing energy to all her courses and a healing space for us to grow and connect to our Higher Selves and to live our Souls truth and purpose 

~Brigitte O’Bery