Your truth and the energy of who you are as a soul is powerful and it is important. But it’s also something that many people struggle to connect to and embody.

Recently, I went through an experience where I felt disconnect from my truth, and I shared a little bit about my reemergence into the light in this previous blog post here.

Now I want to share more about my own healing journey and the process that it takes to come into full alignment and embodiment of your truth.

It was December 2018, and I knew that I had gotten out of alignment with my truth when it felt like my creative flow just stopped.

It was hard for me to get inspired and it always felt like I was pushing to make things happen. I felt like I was STRUGGLING in every area of my life, including my health (eczema flare up), and I had no idea what was happening.

It wasn’t until I started to do the healing work around this, and digging in to see what was happening that I had inadvertently put myself out of alignment with my truth and who I truly was.

And of course, what came up was that it was a deeper layer of feelings of unworthiness and fears that were coming up to the surface.

The trigger? The expansion I was going through on a personal level by creating my new life in California.

I was reaching the level that I desired in my life, and yet my ego was rearing its head with deeper layers of old subscious thoughts because I was stepping into an area past my comfort zone and into the unknown.

It’s interesting how much the ego mind can work against you. This is one of the greatest lessons we go through in our lives – understanding the ego and its fears and limiting beliefs, and then healing them so that we can actually make space to live in a more conscious energy.

When we live in an energy of conscious awareness, the ego has a harder time catching us “off guard”. Not that it’s trying to, but those subscious thoughts can sneak up on you and drive so many of our behaviours, beliefs and feelings. And if we let it go on for a long period of time, then the reality around you starts to reflect those exact limiting beliefs and fears.

After all, it’s your thoughts, beliefs and actions (the subconscious ones) that create your reality.

So if we want to create a reality that feels freeing and flowing and full of joy, we have to connect to the energy of our truth. We must connect to the energy of our Higher Self and who we truly are.

What was happening to me was that these subconscious fears were coming up and putting me out of alignment with my truth, out of alignment with flow and the energy of who I truly was.

The telltale sign that something needs to be healed is that there is something going on in your life that doesn’t feel good or isn’t what you want.

So once we are aware that healing needs to be done, the first step is to acknowledge the ego fear-based thoughts and limiting beliefs that are taking up space in our mind and our energy. Often times the ego operates on a subconscious level, so we have to do some digging (through journalling, spiritual journeys with the angels, etc) in order to bring these thoughts and fears to the surface.

We can only heal the things that we are aware of. That’s why we have to move the things from the subconscious into the conscious.

Once we understand what these thoughts, beliefs and fear are and why they are there, we can then begin the process of releasing and healing.

When I do releasing work for myself and my clients, I focus first on the energetic aspect. You have to release the energy of those limiting thoughts and fears, so that they can be transmuted into love, which also then creates space in your energy for something NEW to be created and placed there.

For me, I had to dig into why I didn’t feel worthy of everything that I had created for myself and my life in California. To add to this, my visa was coming up to be expired in a few months’ time, which meant that I would have to go back to Canada to start the long-term visa process.

Once you dig up all of the junk that is in your energy and release it, the next step is to then change your behaviours, habits and actions to be in alignment with the new energy you desire to create.

This is where the question comes up around “who do I desire to be?” and “who am I MEANT to be? What is my potential?”. This is where I wasn’t paying attention and being aware as I was creating my life in California. But thankfully the triggers and things happening around me woke me up to that realization so that I could start to do the healing work that I needed to do in order to continue the creation process of who I truly am and what I desired in my life.

The beauty of this work is that you get to CHOOSE how you want to feel. You get to decide on what new thoughts you will be thinking. You get to decide to see yourself as worthy. You get to decide you want to BE.

All of this happens when we connect to the spiritual essence of WHO WE ARE. When we connect to the truth of our soul and we invite that connection down into our physical body.

This healing work also helps you connect to your Divine personal power. It helps you take responsibility for whatever situation you may be in and create it into whatever you desire for it to be.

There was definitely a time point during my most recent healing and transformation process where I fell into victim-mode and the “why me” thing. But I quickly pulled myself out of it by looking at where I was giving my power away to the situation and taking it back.

We are creators with the Universe. We literally have the power and potential to create ANYTHING that we desire. That connection comes from embodying who we truly are. It comes from knowing our soul’s truth and bringing that energy forward into the self-expression that it desires to have.

Your soul is a powerful energy, and when you learn how to embody that energy (by discovering what it is and releasing what is holding you back), the transformations that you feel in your life are HUGE!!!

I believe that we go through “small scale” shifts like these, and then big scale ones. This recent experience for me was definitely a BIG SCALE one!!! The awesome thing about these big scale transformations is that the level that you then step into is HUGE and so much more powerful.

And you get to look back and say “Yes! I DID IT!” and it’s an amazing feeling to have and be in.

You have the power and potential to create anything that you desire in your life, and it all starts with your healing and aligning to who you truly are. When you align to the energy of your truth, you create a HUGE ripple effect in the world.

You shining your light and being all of who you are meant to be creates shifts in the global energy that you most likely aren’t even aware of.

It’s not just the people that you touch directly with your message and light, but also your vibrational energy here on Earth.

The more that we are vibrating at a higher level, the more we are able to empower other people around us to vibrate at that level as well.

There’s a famous Marianne Williamson quote that talks about how when we shine our light, we subconsciously give people permission to shine their light too.

My upcoming program called Angelic Healing & Light takes you through this entire process of healing, releasing and discovering who you truly are so that you can live in the embodiment of the true self-expression of your soul.

You will be working with the angels on a very deep level to support you in connecting to your Divine truth, gifts and potential.

It is an incredibly powerful program that I am SO excited to be teaching!!!

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I would love to hear from you in the comments below – What do you desire to create in your life? What is the expression of your truth that you want to share? And if you’re struggling with any of it, let me know what steps you’re taking to move past it! <3

Cristina, The Archangel Channel