Angel Celeste is a beautiful and magnificent angel that I work with all the time. You’ve probably heard me referring to her in my videos, so I want to share more about who she is and how she’s here to help you in this blog post!

Angel Celeste is not an Archangel, but she is just as powerful as they are!

This is an angel that I met in September 2017. She came forward and ever since then, I have been sharing about her on my Facebook page  and Facebook group, Angelic Healing & Support.

Ever since talking about her, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and tell me that they have felt her energy and presence too. I want to share about her today here so you can get familiar with her as well and feel her presence in your everyday life. I guarantee that she will be stepping forward for you too!

Angel Celeste is very special. She comes in a beautiful light blue energy. She is absolutely beautiful and magnificent. She has such an amazing energy and is so powerful. It’s amazing!

Just like the Archangels, Angel Celeste is available to everyone. She is not personal to me. She works with everybody and everyone can call on her at any time. Angel Celeste is a universal angel.

Angel Celeste helps with our souls’ growth. She helps us to understand what our soul’s lessons are and what we have come here to do. She helps us to integrate the healing and the lessons that we go through on our journey so that we can truly step into our purpose and step into our light.

One of the ways she helps us is by being an intermediary between the Archangels and us. She takes what the Archangels do in terms of guidance and healing and she makes sure that your soul receives and integrates it and does everything that you need to do in order to move forward.

The way I see her, it’s almost like an angel who is in charge of our soul’s evolution. She makes sure you go through the evolution and learn what you’re meant to go learn.

Now, we do have our free will so if we choose that we don’t want to grow or expand then there’s nothing that she or any other angel can do about it because it’s our free will and it’s up to us to decide.

But if we are in a place where we are ready to grow, ready to expand, ready to step into who we truly are and ready to step into our purpose, Angel Celeste is the perfect angel to call on and to work with to support you through that.

One of the main signs that she shows people that she’s around is by showing them her name. If you come across something that says “Celeste” or randomly see her name in your newsfeed, or in a book, or even if you hear someone say the name Celeste, that is her. The word Celeste will start to come up in your life. This is her main sign that she brings people. It’s pretty obvious!

If you have been connecting with her or if you begin to notice her around, it’s because she’s letting you know that you’re going through this time of rapid growth and expansion, which a lot of people are going through at this time.

It’s no surprise why she stepped forward to me not too long ago. She stepped forward at the time when I created one of my first ever programs called “Shine Your Light”.

Since then, she has stepped forward very strongly in my Angelic Healer Certification program to support the growth and development for those who are stepping into their purpose as a healer.

When she first stepped forward for me, it was one of those moments where I HAD to focus and pay attention to the energy that was stepping forward. I couldn’t focus on or do anything else except pay attention to her beautiful energy coming in and sharing with me her purpose and connection.

The thing that is most important for you to know and understand is that you can call on Angel Celeste any time to support you in your soul’s growth and in your up-leveling.

If you’re in a place where you’re ready to:

— Up level and get on to that next place in your journey where you’re supposed to be

— Do the things that you’re supposed to be doing

— Step into who you truly are

— Step into your gifts and share them with the world

— Create the impact that you were meant to create in this world

…then you can call on Angel Celeste. She is there to support you and guide you with all of that!!!

She will make sure that bring you the lessons that you haven’t gone through or processed yet to get you into that place. The quickest way to up-level and get into the next level is to understand the things that are stopping us right now. It’s important to work through those blocks and limiting beliefs and to do any healing that you need to do to get you to the next level.

That’s what you can expect when you call on Angel Celeste to support and guide you. She will lead you in that right direction into what you need to do, what you need to look at, and what you need to change within yourself to be able to step into who you truly are.

If you would like to connect to Angel Celeste, I invite you to watch the video below where you can hear all of this information and where I lead you on a meditation to connect to him! The meditation starts at 8:00.