This blog is all about angel number 555 or any combination of fives that you see.

So whether that’s 55, 555, 5555 or whatever number of digits of five that you keep seeing, the number five is important to pay attention to. It is a sign from the angels that they are around you and they have a specific message for you.

The angel number 555 is associated with a few different Archangels: Archangel RaphaelArchangel Metatron and Archangel Zadkiel

What this means is that it’s important to call on them to help guide you through the message and understanding of how to apply the meaning and guidance of angel number 555 into your life!

The meaning behind angel number 555 is that changes are happening. Another key word behind this number is higher perspective.

If you’ve been going through any sort of changes or situations unfolding before you that are bringing up anxiety or fear, the angel number 555 is telling you to recognize what the higher perspective is behind those situations.

Calling on the Archangels mentioned above can help you with understanding this higher perspective and through this, you are able to release the fear or anxiety.

The other key word for angel number 555 is surrender. This means surrendering to the changes, surrender to the flow of the universe, surrender to everything that is unfolding and how it’s all unfolding.

It makes sense that all of these angels are stepping forward because there’s a lot of things that happen when we go through changes, right? There is the unknown, which can bring up fear and anxiety.

This is why angel number 555 is also associated with releasing any limiting beliefs and fears that come up as you go through changes and stepping into the unknown.

So when you see the number 555, pay attention to what thought and emotions you are feeling in that moment, especially anything that feels like it’s right below the surface. This is important to pay attention to because when we bring our awareness to those innermost thoughts and feelings, we are able to change them if they no longer serve us.

Archangel Metatron is a great angel to call on to support you through this process of releasing and healing. He is here to support you with clearing those out so that you can stay in alignment with the flow of energy that allows everything to unfold smoothly.

The other aspect of this is the energy of trust. It’s really important to trust in the unfolding of whatever is happening in your life. It’s important to trust that everything is working out for your highest good. And this is exactly where the energy of surrender really plays in.

When we trust in ourselves and in the universe, we are able to surrender to the divine flow of what is for our highest good.

Whenever we go through changes, we have to surrender and trust in the universe. We have to trust that everything is working out for our highest good. We have to trust in ourselves and in what we are being pushed to do. We have to trust in whatever it is that’s happening in our life, that it’s all coming together for our greatest good and that’s where we need to surrender.

Instead of resisting the change, just go with the flow. This is also where higher perspective comes in because if we focus on the fear and anxiety, then we’re not really paying attention to the greater meaning and purpose behind the changes in our life.

Oftentimes changes in life are actually very exciting. But  no matter how exciting they might be, there can still be some fear that comes up. We might have doubts or fears of it all working out, so it’s always important to bring ourselves up into a higher perspective and awareness of whatever it is that’s going on. To remind ourselves, “this is perfect, and it is all working out exactly the way it’s supposed to”. This will help with the surrendering process as you go through changes.

Then most importantly, the message behind angel number 555 is that the angels are here to support you to move through changes with grace, with ease, with divine love, and with peace in your heart. No anxiety, no chaos, just flow and surrender.

Call on Archangel Raphael, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Metatron to support you as you go through these changes. Remember that whenever you call on the angels and ask them to come and support you, they will always surround you with their energy.

They will always show you your next steps. If you’re having trouble with surrendering or you’re having trouble with releasing anxiety, call on these angels. Ask them to support you, ask them to guide you, and trust that they will show you the way.

Cristina, The Archangel Channel