Angel numbers are a repeating sequence of numbers that are signs from the angels. One of the most common ways people begin to open up to their connection to the angelic realms is by noticing these signs. Each number and repeating sequence of numbers has a specific meaning.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing all about angel number 999. 

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The message that the number nine brings to you is that there are new beginnings and endings that are happening. It is a reminder of letting go of the past because in order for new things to start, some things have to end.

The most important message behind the number nine that Archangel Michael is supporting you with is that this is a time of elevation.

Oftentimes when we are about to elevate into a new level in our life and journey, we have to let go of things from the past. We have to let go of certain old aspects of who we were or things from the past that no longer serve us.

Angel Number Meanings

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This could mean limiting beliefs. It could mean relationships. It could mean certain situations in your life. It could mean certain habits or behaviors. This theme of ‘letting go’ can apply to literally any part of your life.

What this is also indicating is that you are moving through a transitional period.

You’re moving THROUGH the challenges and you’re almost the end of it. You’re stepping into an elevated space that holds new awareness and new energy. And so when you see the angel number 999, it is letting you know that you are almost there and getting to the end of the old cycle/patterns as you step into the new energy ahead.

If you are currently going through a chaotic period of energy in your life, then this is an indication that this is ending and that you are stepping into a new elevated energy.

Anything that we go through, no matter what challenges or situations, they’re always there to serve us and help us to move forward on our journey. Recognize that and know that the new beginnings, new energies, new things that you desire in your life are right there. They’re right there on the horizon. You’re almost there!!!

Remember that if you are having a hard time with letting go of certain things, or you keep clinging onto the past in some way, the angel number 999 is a reminder for you that you need to let that go and that you are so supported in doing so.

There will be a much greater energetic resistance for new things to come into our life if we’re still holding onto the past. If we’re still holding onto old energies or old situations, it’s important to do the healing work around that so that we can let it go. Remember – as you let that go, you’re creating space in your energy for the new to come in.

It can sometimes be very, very scary to let go of something from the past or let go of something that you’re so used to and so comfortable with. The reason why this makes us so afraid is because we are stepping into the unknown. This can feel very uncomfortable as you are going through the transition, but in the end it is always worth it!

This is exactly why when you see angel number 999, know that you can call on Archangel Michael to come in to support you.

He’s the one who is associated with this number because he brings the energy of comfort and support to help you step into the unknown. Archangel Michael’s energy helps you to heal, cut cords and let go of the past.

If there’s any issues or trouble that you’re feeling with regards to being able to actually move forward because you’re afraid of stepping into the unknown, ask Archangel Michael to support and guide you with regards to whatever the situation may be for you.

The most important thing to remember is that whatever you’re going through right now, the new elevated space that you’re being guided towards is meant for you. So the things that you’re letting go from the past and/or the endings you may be experiencing are all supporting you with stepping into a greater alignment with who you truly are.

These experiences are all part of your work of stepping into your divine purpose and destiny. This is all serving you for your highest good and Archangel Michael is the one who is here to support you.

Cristina, The Archangel Channel

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