Angelic Evolution

We are living in a time of rapid change and evolution.

Angelic Evolution

The journey of spiritual awakening is becoming more prevalent in our world.

We are being called to step forth into our spiritual power and potential.

We are being asked to let go of old ways of being, so that we can welcome in the new paradigm shift that is meant to happen in our world.

Our spiritual connection and evolution is the key to this global change and healing.

Our divine source of light and love is meant to shine bright during these massively shifting times ahead.

We are meant to live in this pure spiritual alignment. To live from our hearts. The divine angelic beings of light and love are here to support us through this process every step of the way.

Introducing… Angelic Evolution

A powerful program to support you in establishing an elevated connection with the divine.

This journey is a deep dive into the truth and power of who we are as divine spiritual beings.

It is the exploration and deepening of our connection to Source energy and the infinite love and support that exists.

It is meant to strengthen our awareness and knowing of the presence and guidance from the angels. And it is meant to support us in our awakening to who we truly are and the light we are meant to bring to this planet.

If you are ready to elevate into a whole new level of spiritual connection and divine evolution…

If you are ready to experience a deeper level of angelic presence in your life…

If you are ready to understand the true spiritual power that you hold as a divine being on this Earth…

Then this program is for you!

What’s included:

    • 8 live classes to explore and deepen your spiritual connection
    • Private FB group community for support, guidance and connection with like-minded humans walking a similar path
    • Lifetime access to all course content

What we’re going to cover:

The evolution of this world

…our truth as spiritual divine beings

Opening up a deeper connection

…to the divine angelic beings that are here to support us

Understanding the different realms of angels

…how they are here to support us and how we are meant to connect with them

Connecting with your Guardian Angels

How to receive healing from the Archangels

…and other angelic beings

Attuning to a greater level of awareness

…and channeling with divine beings of light and love

Emerging into a new era and paradigm shift

…how to carry this energy and higher frequencies moving forward in your everyday life

Aligning to greater potencies and frequencies

…new angelic beings will continue to come forward and make their presence known; our work is to continue to align with our capacity to hold these higher frequencies

Unless you have done one of Cristina’s courses, you cannot know just how powerful her work is. If you have done one of her meditations you will have an idea, but to experience the real energy and power of the work, it needs to be experienced in a structured program.

Her work is unique, honest, professional. She gives so much of herself. High vibrational beings are her guides. Everything she teaches and shares comes from a high vibration frequency.

Anyone who is serious about what they are sending out into the world, who wants to help by sending out light and love, who wants to fulfill their Soul’s purpose in this life, needs to do one of Cristina’s courses.

Cristel Philp


Monday, April 18th – Thursday, May 12th

 Mondays @ 11:30am PDT / 2:30pm EDT
Thursdays @ 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT

**All recordings will be available for you to watch with lifetime access**


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This is an 8 class program with Cristina Aroche being held April18th – May 12th!

Angelic Healing & Guidance

These sessions are very in depth and bring you channeled guidance and messages from the Archangels on what you need to know right now. This is also an opportunity to get all of your questions answered and receive guidance for solutions to challenges or to get unstuck and start moving forward again.

Connecting With The Angels

Your ability to connect with the angels is the true nature of your Divine being.

You have a powerful connection and it’s time to harness it so that you can create more good things and changes in this world.

Guardian Angel Readings

In this session, you will be connecting directly with your Guardian Angels through a guided spiritual journey (meditation) to help strengthen your connection to them so that you can FEEL them anywhere you go.