Are you ready to experience the power of the love, guidance and healing from the Archangels?

Do you want to connect with the Archangels and experience their magnificent presence of peace and love?

Are you seeking answers, clarity and direction on your journey?

Do you desire to be connected to the love and support from the Universe and reconnect to your own Divine love and presence?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then my Archangel Healing and Guidance Sessions will bring you the exact clarity and healing that you need to move forward on your journey.

These 60-min sessions will bring you the shift in your energy that you need to help you move forward on your journey.

Best of all, these sessions are recorded so you can listen to them and receive their uplifting messages and healing whenever you desire.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a 60 minute session with Cristina. I was so nervous beforehand that I almost canceled but I’m thrilled to the moon that I didn’t. I can’t find the words to tell you just how healing and magical it was. I felt like a different person after the session– calm, with a clarity of focus and ready to move forward with my dreams. If you haven’t had a one on one session yet, I highly recommend that you book one as soon as possible! It’s worth every penny and more.
Amanda Redhead

60-min Archangel Healing and Guidance

These sessions are very in depth and bring you channelled guidance and messages from the Archangels on what you need to know right now. This is also an opportunity to get all of your questions answered and receive guidance for solutions to challenges or to get unstuck and start moving forward again.

In addition to this, you will also receive energy healing from the Archangels, as well as anything else they bring you for your highest good (including past life healing, cord cutting, Akashic Records reading, etc). These sessions go very deep and are absolutely transformational!

Investment: $725 USD

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The energy healing session with Cristina and the Archangels was unique and uplifting.  Cristina is a true professional! She is so kind and genuine and a pleasure to work with!

The energy healing was specified to what my soul and physical body needed to raise my vibration and have a more concrete connection to my higher self.  Cristina channeled Archangels and even my Spirit Guide through the whole session.  It was amazing!

One Archangel at a time came through and healed a particular chakra and I even saw my third eye being adjusted and sensed I am ready to receive more insight and visions!  So cool!  Their wisdom and healing was so needed in my life and now I feel more connected to the Universe, my higher self, the Archangels and my spirit guides.

The energy healing I received was truly valuable and will now allow me to take the next steps on my spiritual journey.  Thank you for your work and your light Cristina!  It’s an honor to work with you and the Archangels.❤️

Melissa Borden

You are so loved and supported by the Archangels, and these angelic sessions will leave you filled with peace, love and a stronger connection to the Universe and the presence of the angels all around you.

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You will be redirected to my online calendar after paying.