Archangel Nathaniel’s energy is a combination of colors: I see some royal blue, gold, yellow, and even a little bit of a brownish sand-like color. These colors all together come forward with Archangel Nathaniel. And the other thing that is really important about his energy is that he has a prince-like energy, which goes really well with the royal blue.

The way that Archangel Nathaniel supports us is that he helps us to live out our dreams and our highest potential. Archangel Nathaniel helps us to calibrate to higher levels when it comes to our evolution, our growth, and our desires.

So whenever we think about the next level for us – whether it’s with regards to business, our relationships, our own connection, our growth, who we are, our awareness – he helps us to actually calibrate to that level.

There are so many different pieces that come into play to support our evolution and our growth. One of those things is to understand that our energy, our frequency, has to shift and change in order to rise and align with whatever that next level is. Archangel Nathaniel supports us in our energy rise and to hold a higher vibration, in alignment with whatever that next level is for you. So this calibration aspect is something that is really supportive and powerful to utilize in our growth because we are literally shifting our energy and frequency.

The other aspect to this is connecting to our body and being able to calibrate our energy and our body to hold these higher levels. This is really important, especially as it relates to wealth and abundance. When we shift our energy, we also change how we are being in our day to day life – the thoughts that we are thinking, the energy that we are experiencing, the emotions that come through, the power that we hold. It’s not to say that we now automatically become perfect, or never experience ups and downs. Rather, it’s to say that we continue to hold our power and our energy, the frequency of our vibration at a certain level, despite experiencing highs and lows and being a human, which is all so, so normal.

Archangel Nathaniel’s role is the constant evolution and the constant growth that we experience as souls in this human life, on this human path. We get to continue to grow, evolve and expand.

If you are feeling stuck, that you’ve hit a plateau, or wonder if there is a lesson that you’re meant to learn, he is a great angel to call on to help you to understand what the next level is for you and how to calibrate to it. And then also supporting you in continuing to live in the vision of your dreams, of your desires, of who you’re meant to be –to be able to calibrate to that level.

Archangel Nathaniel is here to help and support you in living your dreams, living out to your highest potential and shifting through any feelings of stuckness by helping you to understand the lessons that you’re meant to learn, to calibrate, to understand where you can make appropriate changes and then continue to evolve. As always, when it comes to calling on the angels, it is really just as simple as saying,

“Archangel Nathaniel, please come forward. Please support me with ____.”

“Archangel Nathaniel, please come forward and help me to understand this.”

“Archangel Nathaniel, please come forward and help me to calibrate to my next level. Show me the way, guide and support me, help me to understand what my next step is.”


You can use these phrases however you like or make up your own, but that is really as simple as it gets to work with Archangel Nathaniel, as well as any of the other angels.

So now having said that, I would love to connect you with Archangel Nathaniel’s energy. So what I’m gonna ask you to do, if you would like to do this guided meditation with me, is to just simply set yourself up in a comfortable position. Whether you want to be sitting or laying down. If you want to grab any crystals to be with you, to support you, you can go ahead and do that, but really just you and your energy is all that you need to connect with Archangel Nathaniel.

The meditation starts at 7:06 / 7:35.