First and foremost about Archangel Orion, and probably one of the most special things about him, is that he is a divine, cosmic being. He is very much connected to the cosmos and when I tune into his energy, it feels like a little mini universe or many galaxies.

The way that his energy comes through is the deeper colors of blue and purple – a Navy blue and then a deep purple energy mixed together. Within that, there’s these rays of pink and orange that come through as well. And then within all of that, the other thing that I see is what looks like stars, beautiful sparkles of light. 

One thing that I want you to remember when it comes to connecting with any of the Archangels, or any divine being in general, is that it’s important for you to trust in how the energy comes through for you, because it is your unique connection, your unique relationship. The reason that I share from my viewpoint how it feels, is to give you a guideline or an understanding of what these divine energies feel like for me personally.

The other thing that I feel with Archangel Orion’s energy is this very great vastness in regards to the energy. And what I mean by that is that it feels very expansive and ancient. Like it can go back millions upon millions of years. And so what his energy brings to us is this understanding of our potential and limitlessness as divine beings.

One of Archangel Orion’s roles and how he supports us is to help us to connect more deeply to who we are on a soul level and to help us to understand the power that we hold. So a big key word for Archangel Orion is this connection to power – our divine power – and helping us to understand how powerful we truly are as divine spiritual beings.

Now, the other thing that he supports us with is being able to connect to our divine potential and ability to create. He’s very much associated with this energy of creation and manifesting because when it comes to manifesting, it’s a co-creative process with the universe, and he helps us to understand the bigger picture, the higher perspective that goes on when we are consciously creating. He helps us to go deeper when we are intentionally putting ourselves out there and aligning to a certain type of frequency and energy.

Whenever you’re manifesting, whenever you’re creating, you want to call on Archangel Orion to help bring in these high vibrational frequencies to help you to understand the bigger picture, the overall bigger connection with the universe, how you are so supported, how you play an important role in your co-creation and how you work together with the divine universe to create and to live in your divine potential.

Archangel Orion brings forward these very high cosmic frequencies to support our healing and our growth. 

He has a very important role when it comes to planet Earth in supporting the transition and the transformation that is happening at this time. These cosmic frequencies are a different energy that’s not of this world. Archangel Orion is not really that connected and grounded, so to speak, within the Earth’s energy.

He comes more from the cosmos. He’s a cosmic divine being, and he’s here to support the planet Earth. He plays that supportive role, that divine healing role in helping to bring in these different energies, these different frequencies that we need, to help support the transformation that is happening at this time. So if you’re connecting with other cosmic beings, Arcturians or Pleiadians or any other divine cosmic being, you can call Archangel Orion to help support you and your energy in general. He is there to hold space for you as you are connecting, so that you can feel that sense of safety and certainty as you are connecting with other cosmic beings as well.

Archangel Orion is here to help you to feel that sense of safety and support in your divine power, in your divine essence, in who you are as a spiritual being. As you begin to understand more of the bigger picture and the co-creative manifestation process, as you see the bigger role of you in the universe and everything that is unfolding, Archangel Orion helps you to stand strong in your power and helps you to feel safe in it, he helps you to feel supported in it, as well as bringing in these divine cosmic frequencies to help this transition, this transformation that is happening.

When it comes to calling on Archangel Orion, and this goes for any of the angels, all we have to do is say,

“Archangel Orion, please step forward and support me with…”, whatever the thing is. 

“Archangel Orion, please step forward, help me to understand…”, whatever it is. 

“Archangel Orion, please come forward and help hold the space around me so that I can feel my divine energy, so I can feel my power, so that I can channel these divine cosmic frequencies in my work and what I do”. It’s very, very simple.

And like any of the other Archangels, you don’t have to necessarily be able to hear, or feel, or see them in order to actually receive guidance. Guidance always comes to us in the way in which we will receive it. So it may come through a book or with different signs or symbols, or someone comes to us and says something and it feels divinely guided. Trust in the process and trust that you are very, very, very supported and guided and that you will know the guidance that comes through for you. 

Watch this video to learn about Archangel Orion and to connect with his energy through a guided meditation!

The meditation starts at 8:41.

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