Archangel Raguel comes in a dark purple energy. He has a quiet demeanor about him but he is powerful nonetheless.

When some Archangels step forward, their energy is very strong and powerful. But with Archangel Raguel, his energy is a bit more on the quiet side, and yet he still creates a very strong presence when you call on him.

He is an Archangel who works more in the “background” of our everyday life, where we might not even know he’s there unless we’ve specifically called on him for support. This can feel so different with other angels, who make their presence very known to us!

Regardless, Archangel Raguel is always there for us; especially when we intentionally connect with him, call on him and have him step forward.

Archangel Raguel’s main roles in supporting us on our journeys is:

  1. Having a stronger connection to ourselves
  2. Helping us to feel very certain and confident with who we are

One of the main ways in which he helps us is that if we’re feeling a bit lost, unfocused, disconnected or feeling an energy of uncertainty  about who we are or about our path on our journey, he helps to release that and shift those feelings. 

He helps us with releasing the feelings of uncertainty and releasing the energy around feeling lost. He helps us to reestablish a strong connection with ourselves. And it is through establishing that connection that he helps us align to the energy of peace, joy, truth and love.

Archangel Raguel is a very, very loving, supportive and comforting type of energy. He comes in to help us with this reconnection, this realignment to ourselves. He wants us to call on him when we are feeling uncertain or when we are questioning ourselves or when we feel disconnected from ourselves, because he has this way of coming forward to bring us this gentle reminder of: “No, this is who you are and this your power, and this is your truth, and this is your connection”. 

With that kind of more subtle way of doing things, it helps us to shift easier into that space of alignment and into that reconnection to ourselves. It’s just a different way of connecting to ourselves, of aligning to who we are, of feeling this energy of certainty again within ourselves, our path and our purpose here on this Earth during this lifetime. He helps us get clear on who we truly are and OWNING that.

Now, sometimes we can feel anxious or have fears. There are different reasons for any anxiety or fear that comes up, but oftentimes one of the reasons why anxiety does show up in people’s lives is because of a feeling of being disconnected from ourselves, from our soul, from our truth and our purpose.

 So, if you don’t really know why you feel anxious and uncertain, it’s most likely this lack of connection to yourself. When you call on Archangel Raguel, he is going to support you with that. So call on him – all you have to do is just say:

“Archangel Raguel, please step forward and support me. Help me to release these feelings of uncertainty, of anxiety (whatever it is that you’re experiencing). Help me to realign to myself. Help me to feel more connected to my truth, my power and my purpose. Help me to know who I truly am.”

As you pray that, he’s going to step forward and his presence is going to be around you throughout the day, through different nudges and guidance that he may bring forward. It’s going to be different for everyone, but the presence and the guidance that he brings to you is going to show you the way and help you to feel that sense of relief and connection.

Sometimes, when we ask for guidance from the angels, it may come forward in the sense of being guided towards a particular book, teacher, or video. It’s important to follow those nudges. Oftentimes this type of guidance “just falls into your lap”, so the awareness that the angels are supporting us in very subtle ways is important to have!

Now I’m going to guide you through a guided meditation so that you can connect with his energy, so that you can have a sense and a feel for what he feels like and how he shows up for you. And if you feel called, you can always come back to this video and play the meditation part so that you are always in this energy of Archangel Raguel.

Watch this video to learn about Archangel Raguel and to connect with his energy through a guided meditation! The meditation starts at 7:24.

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