I’m so excited about today’s blog post all about Archangel Raphael!! He is the very first Archangel that I ever connected with so he holds a special place in my heart. 🙂

Whether you’ve heard of Archangel Raphael before or this is your first time, this blog post is going to teach you all about who Archangel Raphael is and how to work with him.

The first most important thing to know is that Archangel Raphael comes in a beautiful emerald green energy and that he is the angel of healing.

A lot of people know him for his role in healing us on all levels of our being – physically, emotionally and spiritually. He helps us by bringing us guidance on what we need to do in order to heal.

It’s important to recognize that the Archangels, all of them in general, bring us healing energy. They help us shift our energy. And that’s what I facilitate in my work by channelling Angelic energy healing.

But another thing that’s important to understand is this:

It’s not the responsibility of the Archangels to make sure that we are healed, it’s OUR responsibility.

We can call on them to help us, guide us and support us, but ultimately it is our free will, our responsibility and our duty to take the action steps that are necessary for our healing. The Archangels can’t do that for us.

It’s part of our journey here on this Earth to make sure that we go through the lessons, through the energy shifts, raise our vibration, and all of the things the Archangels guide us to do to help us in our own healing to be able to move forward.

It’s through this multidimensional healing that we are able to truly step into our purpose and live in our highest potential.

Archangel Raphael is amazing at helping us with that.

One of the things that he does and works with a lot is our heart chakra. Our heart chakra is the connection to who we truly are. It’s the connection to our soul, it’s our connection to our Higher Self and it’s our connection to our truth.

Many people have created walls or barriers all around the heart space that doesn’t allow them to really access the truth of their soul. These walls may have been created because of a fear of getting hurt, past traumas, or many other experiences that have caused them to close down. As a result, they protect themselves by building a wall around their heart space. And as a result, they don’t really know who they truly are.

Archangel Raphael helps us open up our heart chakra.

He helps us to heal and release the emotional wounds that we hold onto that we might not even be aware of. Even if we aren’t consciously aware of these things, they can still play a huge role in our behaviors, in our day to day interactions, the energy around us and what we are attracting into our lives or what we are experiencing.

If you’re experiencing any form of physical illness or chronic symptoms, whether they are physical or emotional, a key step in healing from that is through heart chakra healing. It’s important to release the emotional wounds that are holding you back from connecting to who you truly in order to fully heal on all levels. That’s just one of the many things that Archangel Raphael is here to support you with.

As you begin to open up your heart space, you are then able to connect to that place within yourself that connects you to who you truly are. You are able to connect with your soul, with your truth and with your purpose.

When we heal our heart chakra, we allow ourselves to open up to the Divine love and peace that always exists within and that is always a part of us. It’s just that there were layers on top that were preventing us from recognizing those truths.

Archangel Raphael connects with you ABUNDANCE.

Since abundance is directly connected to the heart chakra, this is another thing to call on for support from Archangel Raphael.

Receiving abundance and being connected to abundance has to do with our sense of self worth and our sense of being enough or feeling good enough. To be able to receive abundance, we have to be connected to our hearts and know that we are worthy of the abundance that we desire.

On the outside you might say, “Of course I want to live a life of abundance!! Who doesn’t???”, but on the inside there may be a part of you that doesn’t believe that you are worthy. There’s a part of you that says you’re not good enough, which then closes you off to receiving. One of the most common things I see in my work is that a lot of people are closed off to receiving abundance. It’s a subconscious thing, so as soon as you bring this into your awareness, you can then do the emotional healing work to open yourself up to receiving abundance.

And when it comes to being open to receiving abundance, Archangel Raphael is AMAZING at helping you with that!!! He helps open you up and connect you with the flow of abundance that’s always around you. This flow of abundance energy is ALWAYS there, it’s just that oftentimes we are not connected to it.

In summary…

You can see that a lot of the things that Archangel Raphael does are really connected to helping you connect to love, connect to who you truly are, and connect to the energy of love from the Universe.

As a result, this connects you to abundance, joy, and peace which are all high frequencies. They are all of the highest vibrations that exist in this Universe. When we raise our vibration and are open to connect with that same flow of energy, that is when we experience those things in our lives.

The most important thing that you need for your healing (no matter what level of healing we are talking about, whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual healing) is that you to connect to the Divine love within you because this love is what heals everything.

Divine love is the truth of who we are. It is where we come from and so when we connect to that energy, we can experience all things such as joy, love, abundance, and health. But it all starts with opening up and connecting to Divine love.

If you would like to connect to Archangel Raphael, I invite you to watch the video below where you can hear all of this information and where I lead you on a meditation to connect to him! The meditation starts at 7:00.