Archangel Raziel comes in a magnificent rainbow-coloured energy. I always see him in many different colours at once, with all the colours of the rainbow.

Archangel Raziel is here to support us with the connection to the Divine wisdom within us.

He also supports our connection to the Universe so that we can access the information, knowledge, and wisdom that we are meant to share with others. This is all interrelated because the Universe is always a part of us.

It is always within us and a part of us – Source energy, Divine energy, God, or whatever you want to call the higher power that creates all existence. This energy exists within us and all around us. Archangel Raziel helps us awaken to that. He helps to awaken to that Divine connection and wisdom that it holds.

Archangel Raziel supports your spiritual growth and awakening.

Another thing that he does is support us in our spiritual growth and in our spiritual awakening. He supports us in understanding who we truly are, and as a part of that, he helps us to see things from a higher perspective.

As souls living human lives on Earth, we go through many different challenges and experiences. Archangel Raziel helps us to understand each and every one of those experiences. He helps us to understand the lessons behind them and what we were meant to learn from in order to aid our soul’s growth.

Every single experience that you ever have, from the smallest ones to the biggest ones, has a purpose, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Every single one of those experiences is meant to help us in some way. Our experiences help us learn, and from that learning, we are able to evolve and grow as a soul.

When you call on Archangel Raziel, he will help you to understand the significance behind each of those experiences, what the lesson was for you to learn, how it helped you grow, and ultimately, how this is supporting you in your purpose and soul’s evolution.

When working with Archangel Raziel through these things, he takes them and brings them into a higher perspective for you so that you can begin to understand them from your SOUL’S perspective rather than the limited human perspective.

Sometimes this awakening journey can feel overwhelming or confusing. But with Archangel Raziel’s support, it eases the stress and helps you to stay focused on one thing at a time so that you can integrate the learning and understanding that you’re going through.

Archangel Raziel helps you understand Universal Knowledge.

The other important thing that Archangel Raziel helps you with is to understand Universal knowledge. If you’re interested or curious to learn more about the Universe, why we are here, and how everything works with our soul’s evolution, then Archangel Raziel is the one for you to call on to help you learn these concepts.

You can basically ask him ANY question you have about the Universe. And when you call on Archangel Raziel, he will support you in understanding those things by either guiding you to a book, a video, or some other resource to learn more information. Or, if you are able to channel, he can directly answer your question too!

Archangel Raziel supports you in teaching spiritual concepts and knowledge.

If you are here as a spiritual teacher and are meant to share about the Universe and spirituality, Archangel Raziel will be working a lot to support you with that!

Archangel Raziel shows up a lot for people who are meant to be spiritual teachers, who are meant to speak about spirituality, and who are meant to guide others through their spiritual journey. But regardless if you’re meant to be a spiritual teacher or not, he supports you SO MUCH in the learning and understanding that we ALL have to go through!!

If you’ve been feeling Archangel Raziel’s energy or if you’ve been coming across his name everywhere recently, it’s a sign that he’s with you. If you see rainbows everywhere or rainbow energy or anything that reminds you of rainbow colors, that’s also Archangel Raziel.

Pay attention to these signs. Pay attention to how Archangel Raziel shows up for you!!

If you would like to connect to Archangel Raziel, I invite you to watch the video below where you can hear all of this information and where I lead you on a meditation to connect to him! The meditation starts at 5:50.