Becoming A Healer

Have you ever wondered how you were meant to show up and support others?

Becoming A Healer

Have you felt a pull or a calling towards the nature of healing and bringing healing to the world?

Do you know that you have an empathic connection with others and that you feel on a deep level?

If so, keep reading because this is for you.

Our journey here on Earth as humans has so many layers, in many dimensions. We are here to learn, to grow and to heal. And we are also here to bring healing to other people through our work and our truth.

It doesn’t matter what specific type of healing you are drawn to or how you are meant to show up in that role.

The truth is that if you feel a connection to bringing more light onto this Earth, in some shape or form, then you are a healer.

Healers can bring light and change to others through their words, actions and creations.

You can be a healer through music, art or some other form or modality.

The key to being a healer is knowing that you are bringing forth a powerful divine connection through your work, and knowing that you are creating a huge shift in this world.

If you are ready to show up in your true power and potential as a healer, then the Becoming A Healer Workshop is for you!!!!

This is a self-study workshop
that you can do at your own pace!

Trusting in yourself is one of the most powerful experiences you can create for yourself to live in alignment with your truth. It helps you to see yourself for who you truly are and show up in a greater capacity, both for yourself and others.

When you see yourself in this truth, you are able to have far more divine synchronicities and experiences that support you on your journey of living in your truth and greatest potential!

During These 3 Days, You Will Discover:

What kind of a healer you are, including opening up and activating your healing gifts.

How you are meant to show up in the world as a healer and what that path looks like for you.

How you can work with the angels to support you on your journey of sharing your healing gifts with the world.

We are living in a time where our gifts and divine potential as healers are needed now more than ever before.

If you’ve been feeling that calling from your heart, know that it is time to show up in this truth and divine potential.

Join me for this incredible 3-day workshop to support you on your journey so that you can show up in the truth and gifts of who you’re here to be!

This workshop is available to you now for just $79!!!

Click the link below to join this powerful workshop!

Workshop lessons are within an online course platform. You will receive an email with details about accessing the lessons.

A 3-day workshop to support you on your journey of stepping into your true power as a healer.

Angelic Healing & Guidance

These sessions are very in depth and bring you channeled guidance and messages from the Archangels on what you need to know right now. This is also an opportunity to get all of your questions answered and receive guidance for solutions to challenges or to get unstuck and start moving forward again.

Connecting With The Angels

Your ability to connect with the angels is the true nature of your Divine being.

You have a powerful connection and it’s time to harness it so that you can create more good things and changes in this world.

Guardian Angel Readings

In this session, you will be connecting directly with your Guardian Angels through a guided spiritual journey (meditation) to help strengthen your connection to them so that you can FEEL them anywhere you go.

Daily Angelic Resources

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