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Black Friday Sale

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Archangel Healing & Guidance Sessions
25% Off

Wealth & Abundance Bundle
50% Off

Guided Meditations Bundle
60% Off



Do you ever feel like you get in your own way of being able to move forward on your path?

Do you ever find yourself questioning or doubting the next step or decision ahead?

We do this to ourselves (because we are imperfect humans) and sometimes the path of least resistance is when we can focus on surrender to receive clear guidance.

Cristina Aroche

It’s okay to be so caught up in a situation or challenge, that we have blind spots to our own blocks. It’s okay if you have experienced so much pain in the past, that it can be scary to look within yourself to find truth.

This is why an Archangel Healing & Guidance Session with Cristina Aroche is SO powerful!

Because the angels have a way of surrounding you with their pure light and love, that you can’t help but feel safe in their embrace.

They hold you in such a way that you open up to higher perspectives and transformational shifts.

The experience of connecting to the Archangels and receiving not only their guidance, but also their divine healing is truly incredible.

If you are wanting to… 

— Receive more clarity on your path

— Open up to the realm of expansive possibilities

— Receive healing and energetic transformation

Then an Archangel Healing & Guidance Session is perfect for you.

Click the button below to book your session now.

Regular price: $725

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL (25% off): $555

***Only 3 spots open***

Only until 11/30!

You will be redirected to my online calendar once your process the payment.



Your connection to wealth is directly related to your ability to hold power while tapping into the frequencies of abundance.

There is a whole field of potentiality and unlimited abundance that is available to us all.

This journey of life has us walking the path of true understanding of our limitless potential as divine souls.

And when it comes to accessing greater levels of wealth and abundance in your life, we have to go deep to be able to access the true power that you hold.

Your ability to create and receive money, as well as experience overflow, is directly related to your inner game.

In the Wealth & Abundance Bundle, we go deep to unlock the next levels of your potential in receiving and creating wealth and abundance in your life.

Course #1 – Money Magic (click to learn more)

A deep dive into healing your relationship with money. Claim your worthiness. Understand the power that you hold. Get into a flow and alignment of how to manifest the money you desire in your life.

Course #2 – Abundance Frequency (click to learn more)

After creating a solid and positive foundation in your relationship with money, it’s time to grow your understanding and awareness of abundance frequencies. 

This is a next level program to help you tap into exponential growth on your journey to abundance and wealth.

Regular price: $1,560
Only Until 11/30/2021


BLACK FRIDAY DEAL (50% off): $777



When it comes to growing our divine spiritual connection, consistency is key.

Being able to heal and grow in our multi-faceted, complex human is truly an amazing feat that we go through.

Having a guided and direct way of connecting to the angels and receiving their love and support, helps us to stay focused and committed to the path.

The Guided Meditations Bundle is a collection of 5 channelled healing meditations with the angels.

They include:

— Heart chakra healing

— Energetic support for the chakras and overall well being

— Inner child healing

— Connecting with your angels and spirit guides

— Connecting with your higher self

With this collection of guided meditations in your spiritual toolbox, it’s like having direct access to the angels in your back pocket as you go through the beauty and magic of your journey.

Regular price: $29

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL (60% off): $11

Only until 11/30!


The Ultimate Bundle… For just $1,222


— A 60-min session with Cristina

— The Wealth & Abundance Bundle

— The Guided Meditations Bundle

Archangel Healing & Guidance Sessions
25% Off

Wealth & Abundance Bundle
50% Off

Guided Meditations Bundle
60% Off

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