Have you ever wondered about how you can deepen your connection to the Archangels? Have you been curious to learn more about how you can feel their presence in your everyday life and even be able to hear and receive their guidance?

If you answered YES, then this blog post is for you!!!

Today I’ll be sharing about HOW you can connect with the Archangels in your everyday life and deepen your relationship and connection to them.

The first thing that’s important for you to remember when it comes to connecting with the Archangels is… PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

This also goes for building your connection with any other spiritual being such as your spirit guides or guardian angels. Your psychic abilities and connection is like a muscle. The more you practice, the stronger it becomes!!

This is how it all started for me. I started by practicing by connecting and tuning in to the Archangels every single day. And this is exactly what helped me to open up to my gifts and become a very clear channel for the angels. Practicing not only helps you to build you psychic “muscle” but building this connection everyday also helps raise your vibrational energy.

I always bring up the example that when you think about someone going to the gym to workout to get stronger, they have to do it in a consistent basis. They have to practice and consistently work out their muscles to get stronger. It’s the same in this case. You have to be consistently connecting and working on developing that connection with the Archangels for it to get stronger!!

Practice self-compassion and non-judgement.

One of the most important things when it comes to deepening your connection to the Archangels is to NOT judge yourself!!! We can be so quick to compare ourselves and our journey to other people. And all it does is result in us not feeling good about ourselves or feeling like we’re not doing enough.

Whether you feel like you “should be” hearing them by now or seeing them or feeling them, allow yourself to be wherever you’re at. Trust that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be on this journey.

Trust that with your commitment and with your practice the connection will grow stronger and stronger.

Once you open up that connection it can never disappear. As long as you continue to practice and do any healing that you need to do to continue to open up your awareness, the connection will continue to grow and get stronger.

I have a lot of blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel about the Archangels  where I talk about each Archangel individually. In those blogs and videos I share about who each Archangel is, the role that they play and how they’re here to support you. The coolest part though is that at the end of each of those videos, I do a mini meditation to help connect you to the energy of that particular Archangel. I highly recommend checking out those videos on my YouTube channel! 🙂

When it comes to starting your practice and deepening your connection to the Archangels, I recommend that you start with connecting with just one or two. Don’t try to connect with all of them at once, otherwise it might get overwhelming and confusing.

As you get familiar with each one’s energy and become comfortable with identifying them, you can then move onto practicing connecting with another Archangel. All of their energies feel different and as you do this more and more, you’ll be able to differentiate between the different Archangels.

The most important thing is to practice everyday.

Make that commitment to start tuning into their energy as often as you can. Connect and feel their energy just like the way I guide you in my individual Archangel videos.

To make this a part of your daily routine, you can try doing it first thing in the morning. I really love doing my channeling and connecting first thing because then you’re setting up your day to have their support and guidance. For me, it brings me clarity on what I need to focus on for myself personally and in my business. Creating a consistent practice like this can do the same for you!

You really don’t need TONS of time to be able to do this. You only need 5 minutes in the morning to call on whichever Archangel you want to call on for that day, feeling and tuning into their energy. Then throughout the day tune back in to feel and know that they are around you!

As you begin to develop your connection to the Archangels, you’ll start to feel a more open sense of communication. Even if you cannot hear them directly, which is often very hard to do unless you’ve been channeling for a while, you can still receive signs and information from them “indirectly”.

You don’t need to be able to hear the Archangels in order to communicate with them.

All you have to do start this flow of communication with them is to share what’s on your mind. You can talk to them in your head, out loud or by writing it out on a piece of paper like a letter. You can ask them for guidance on something, ask them to support you with whatever you need help on, or just simply share your thoughts and feelings.

When you communicate with the Archangels, the feeling is almost like you’re talking to a friend.

The more you have this open form of conversation with the Archangels, the stronger your intuitive connection and awareness will be. In this way, your awareness will be open to receiving signs and message from the Archangel in the form of thoughts, feelings and knowing.

The last thing that is important for you to do is to send your love and gratitude to them. Something that I love to do is journal this out and journal like I’m writing them a letter and saying things like: “I’m so grateful for your support and your guidance. I absolutely love that you’re always around me. I love you guys so much!”

Something I want to make clear is that this isn’t about whether or not the Archangels will help if you DON’T send them your love and gratitude. They would never hold something like that against you and refuse to help you. It’s not like that at all! They love us unconditionally. They will always be there to support us.

The reason you want to offer your gratitude and love to them is because being in that vibrational energy will deepen your connection to them. It deepens your trust in them. It deepens your knowing that they are there to support you.

When you’re in the energy of love and gratitude, it deepens your connection to the Archangels.

Your vibrational energy is very important when it comes to connecting with the Archangels. They are of a high vibration, which means that your energy has to be vibrating at a high level in order to be able to connect to them.

Your vibrational level naturally rises as part of the spiritual journey, because when you do healing and connect with your spirituality, it elevates your energy. Having your daily practice of connecting with the Archangels will also support you in helping your vibrational energy to rise. And the higher your vibrational energy, the easier it becomes to connect with the Archangels!

Having a gratitude and love practice is a super powerful way to raise your vibration.

Those are my tips for you today. I’d love to hear about your experiences with connecting with the Archangels. Let me know in the comments below! If you have any questions or need help with deepening your connection to them, I’d be happy to answer you in the comments as well. 🙂


Cristina, The Archangel Channel