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How do I find out who my Archangel is?

The Archangels are Universal angelic beings, meaning that they are here to help us ALL. We can call on any of them at any time to support us. We don’t really have an Archangel that is “ours”, but rather we may have a deeper sense of resonance with one or a few at certain times along our journey. To know which Archangel you are most resonant with at this time, you would focus on which Archangel you feel most drawn to. Who do you feel pulled to call on most often? Which angel do you feel most when in meditation? This will give you a clue as to which Archangel is around you most of the time. This can change day by day, or as a natural part of your journey.

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2. How can I communicate with the angels?

You can communicate in many different ways. The most common way is through your thoughts or by speaking to them out loud. Whenever you set the intention to communicate with the angels, they are immediately there and listening to you. Our communication with them does not have to be formal; think of them as a close friend and speak to them like you would to your closest friend. Another way that you can communicate with the angels is through journaling. You can write to them as if you are writing them a letter, and share with them whatever is on your mind or your request for guidance and support.

Your ability to receive communication back from the angels will develop over time. Know that the angels will always send you signs and messages that you will understand. Anything from angel numbers, feathers, and coins. Or you may receive a message as a “knowing” or “feeling”. You may see a vision, or even hear a whisper as an answer.

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3. I’ve been praying and asking for support from the angels, but it feels like nothing is happening. Can they hear me? What can I do for them to hear my prayers?

If it feels like the angels aren’t answering you, this means that either: 1) You are trying to “force” the receival of an answer, which is only causing more resistance, or 2) It’s not time yet to receive that specific guidance. The key is in trusting that you will ALWAYS receive guidance and support. Release your expectations of how and when it will come, and know that you will always know when that guidance comes through.

4. I grew up in a religion where I was told you were not allowed to worship angels, and to only call on God and Jesus Christ. How do I know it’s okay/safe to be calling on angelic beings?

There are many ways in which humans have historically tried to control others through fear. The ideology in certain religions that it is bad to communicate with angels comes from this concept of trying to maintain control over others. The truth is that God, Jesus and the angelic realms are all here to support us for our highest good. Angels exist as an expression of God’s divine light. Jesus is an expression of God’s divine light. We are all expressions of this same divine light. We are ultimately calling on the same divine energy to support us.

Trust in your intuition and experiences when connecting with the angels. Often people say how much love and positivity they feel from this divine connection, but then the ego will have them doubt if it’s true or real. By leaning into your own trust and inner guidance, you will know that you are following the path that is meant for you.

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Angelic Healing & Guidance

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Connecting With The Angels

Your ability to connect with the angels is the true nature of your Divine being.

Guardian Angel Reading

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