Discover Your Higher Purpose

Angelic Healing & Support in Partnership with My Soul Powered Life

Connecting and working with the angelic realms is a powerful way to heal and open up your connection to who you truly are!

The angels are here to support you and guide you on the path that is for your highest good. They are here to help you reach your greatest potential and fulfill your greater purpose.

In my Angelic Healing & Guidance sessions, I use my powerful connection to the angels to channel the healing, guidance and information that you need to be able to move forward in life and live in alignment with your soul’s truth and purpose.

Book a 30-min or 60-min session today to stop feeling stuck and lost, and to start moving forward with clarity and confidence!

30-min session

In the 30-min session you will be led on a meditative journey into the spiritual realms to connect with the angels and be guided to discovering your higher purpose. You will also receive any healings and guidance that you need to be able to take the next steps immediately and start moving forward.

Investment: $250

60-min session

The 60-min session includes everything from the 30-min session, as well as an opportunity to ask all of your questions to the angels to receive channelled guidance and information for your future and moving forward. You will also receive any additional angelic energy healing that is needed to support you in living your purpose.

Investment: $425