Becoming the Greatest Version of You!


Your journey to unlimited potential starts now.

You’ve grown in your self-awareness.

You’ve reached a level of profound connection and light in who you are.

And you KNOW, that now is the time to take things to the next level.

You know that there is more to your potential and who you are.

The depth of your soul is calling you forth onto a path of true power and creation.

You’ve seen what’s possible, and you’re now ready to take that next step…

To truly own who you are. To live in your truth. To stand in your divine strength and power.

To be seen.

To be heard.

To BE all of who you came here to be.

This is your time for the next part of your evolution and growth.

To create from abundance.

To step forth into your divine calling and connection with the Divine.

To speak your truth and honor who you are…

So that you can be the light for others and be a powerful force in this world.

Times are changing, and we are evolving into a more heart-centered way of being.

To create from our spiritual powers and connection.

To love freely, to shine in our gifts and to create abundance on all levels.

It is time to be what you always knew you were meant for in this world.

It is time to ELEVATE into becoming the greatest version of you.

This 1-on-1 mentorship container
with Cristina Aroche includes:

  • Access to entire course suite (past teachings + current) and the resources needed for your specific goals and desires
  • Up to 4 calls per month
  • Unlimited access, communication and support via the Voxer app (voice/text messaging)

This is a high-level, high-touch mentorship space to support you in reaching your next level of potentiality in all areas of your life!

Our focus is on:

Spiritual connection & guidance

Opening up and strengthening your gifts and abilities

Alignment with your divine purpose and soul being

Creating/growing a business that supports your divine purpose

Unlocking greater levels of wealth and abundance

And So Much More!!!

Unless you have done one of Cristina’s courses, you cannot know just how powerful her work is. If you have done one of her meditations you will have an idea, but to experience the real energy and power of the work, it needs to be experienced in a structured program.

Her work is unique, honest, professional. She gives so much of herself. High vibrational beings are her guides. Everything she teaches and shares comes from a high vibration frequency.

Anyone who is serious about what they are sending out into the world, who wants to help by sending out light and love, who wants to fulfill their Soul’s purpose in this life, needs to do one of Cristina’s courses.

Cristel Philp

If you are ready to know your next level of empowerment…

If you are ready to live on a higher frequency…

If you are ready to BE all of who you are meant to be…

Then this next step of exponential growth is for you!

3 Month or 6 Month Package Options


***Currently on a special offer***

Sign up for 3 months of mentorship


Monthly Payment of $2,233 – Special offer $1,899/month



One Payment of  $5,555

Sign up for 6 months of mentorship


Monthly Payment of $2,233 – Special offer $1,899/month



One Payment of  $11,000

This is a one-on-one mentorship program with Cristina Aroche. You can choose a 3 Month Plan or a 6 Month Plan to Elevate the Greatest Version of You!

Angelic Healing & Guidance

These sessions are very in depth and bring you channeled guidance and messages from the Archangels on what you need to know right now. This is also an opportunity to get all of your questions answered and receive guidance for solutions to challenges or to get unstuck and start moving forward again.

Connecting With The Angels

Your ability to connect with the angels is the true nature of your Divine being.

You have a powerful connection and it’s time to harness it so that you can create more good things and changes in this world.

Guardian Angel Readings

In this session, you will be connecting directly with your Guardian Angels through a guided spiritual journey (meditation) to help strengthen your connection to them so that you can FEEL them anywhere you go.