Are you ready to experience the power of the love, guidance and healing from the Archangels?
Do you want to connect with the Archangels and experience their magnificent presence of peace and love?

Are you ready to completely release and let go of old thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you?

Do you desire to be connected to the love and support from the Universe and reconnect to your own Divine love and presence?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then my channelled Full Moon Healing Bundle with the Archangels is exactly what you need.
The energy of the Full Moon is the perfect time to release and heal all that no longer serves you.

Combine the moon energy with the power of the Archangels, and you’ve got an AMAZING combination of releasing and healing.

What’s included:
Meditation #1: Experience the power of Archangel Metatron’s Merkaba cube and sacred geometry to release what no longer serves you, as well as Archangel Raphael’s powerful heart chakra healing.

Meditation #2: With Archangel Michael, you will transmute old thoughts, beliefs and behaviours into love and light, and also integrate an energy of renewal and transformation.

Meditation #3: Experience a DEEP cleanse and rebalancing of all your chakras. Archangel Michael steps forward to bring healing one by one to all 7 chakras, which leaves you feeling grounded, centred and totally balanced.

PDF guide with journalling prompts to help you integrate the energy healing from these meditations.

Each healing meditation is valued at $49, but with the Full Moon Healing Bundle you get ALL 3 + the journalling PDF for only $55!!!

Together, these Archangels bring forth an amazing energy and angelic healing that will leave you feeling calm and filled with so much love, peace and clarity.

These meditations can be used at any time but are even more powerful with the energy of the Full Moon. This Healing Bundle is downloadable to any device and is yours to keep forever for only $55!!!

Here’s what some people have to say about my meditations…
Cristina’s energy is kind yet focused, gentle, yet powerful. She provides a LOT of value in her facebook community of Angelic Healing and Support. Her meditations are beautiful, calming, and impactful.
Amanda Heisman

I absolutely love the meditations that Cristina does in her group. They being such a sense of calm and I feel so much closer to my own spirit guides when she is guiding the meditation. She always leaves me with an “aha!” moment. I highly recommend utilizing her meditation programs and joining her group!
Kathleen Ensor

I was often doubtful and Cristina Aroche always had a way to clear them with the help of the angels!! Her guided meditations are so easy and quick to shift our energy..this full moon meditation was the best so far as it cleared so much of the old to make way for the new to arrive to us.
Hibah Ansari

I want to share my experience with the full moon mediation! It was truly awesome, I saw the archangels and all the things Visually! I felt truly calm and guided afterwards to know that my decision was the best for me and that my angels and the archangels are there for me and with me everyday! I see every day 11:11 and mostly every day 22:22 and 4:44! I am truly grateful for this meditation! Thank you thank you for this beautiful opportunities to work with you! Much love to you!
Melanie Drapeau