Grounding Guided Meditation with the Archangels

Today, a guided meditation all about grounding is coming forward from Archangel Ariel and Archangel Haniel.

Grounding is really just the process of bringing your energy down into the Earth and anchoring down into the Earth’s energy. There’s different forms of grounding: you can literally go outside for a walk barefoot or you can connect with the Earth intentionally with your breath and mind, focusing the energy down through your body and into the Earth, without having to leave your home.

The benefits of grounding is that it really helps us to get centered, become more focused and anchor into whatever new energies or codes that we’ve unlocked, or aspects of ourselves that we’ve activated. Grounding has a lot of different benefits and it’s really important and powerful for us on our journey.

The main things to remember when it comes to grounding is that when things feel really chaotic or you’re having a challenging experience or simply because there’s a lot of excitement in the air with a lot of elevated energy that feels really great – we want to ground that so that we don’t become uncentered and lose the energetic balance within ourselves. We’re able to bring this energy into this clear focused path and direction that helps us to stay centered in who we are, on our journey, in our next steps and what we are here to do.

A really big or common indicator that you are ungrounded is if you feel like your mind is all over the place. Your mind feels a little bit floaty. It feels like you’re jumping around from idea to idea all the time without actually having any clear focus, direction, action, or centeredness within yourself.

Another reason why grounding might be important for you is if you are doing a lot of spiritual work and healing work, a lot of connection with the angels that really elevates our energy. If we don’t ground from that heightened state, then we become a little bit floaty, a little bit in our heads in the clouds. If you find yourself constantly daydreaming, your mind is somewhere else, or you’re not focused on what’s ahead of you and it’s hard for you to stay present, that would be also another indicator that grounding would be really powerful for you.

Now especially at this time, another thing is being able to stay connected to an open heart and to who we truly are – being in this full energy, this free energy of our true self. That’s why it’s so important to ground through our hearts. This is why Archangel Ariel and Archangel Haniel are coming forward for this specific guided meditation, because we’re going to ground everything right now in our hearts. And even if you’re watching this way later, that grounding through our heart is our anchoring down into the truth of our divine being. 

We are grounding into that energy, which means that we can now be present in the truth of who we are. We can be present in our open heart, be our authentic self, show our light, shine in that beautiful divine energy and not feel like we have to close it, hide it, or that there’s too much and be overwhelmed by all of the excitement or all of the changes. Instead, you stay in a space of balance and being open to receiving, as well as being open to shining in your light.

In this video below, I’m going to be guiding you through grounding specifically through your heart, down into the Earth and to come into a place of balance and centeredness for yourself.

The meditation starts at 5:59

I would love to hear from you! Let me know in the YouTube comments below the video your experience with this meditation and how it felt for you. I always love hearing about your experience in these guided meditations.

I have a Heart Alignment Activation workshop that is available for you right now to come join me. We’re focusing on the heart chakra, but more importantly, how we can stay fully connected and fully open within our hearts. How connecting with this heart center is the key to our true alignment with our divine being, with our purpose, with our gifts, with our truth.

So if you have found yourself feeling stuck or uncertain, that there’s a lot of fear and it’s hard to trust yourself and stay in the energy of worthiness, this is going to be such an incredibly powerful time to be aligned and connected to our hearts and to who we truly are. The heart chakra is the key to it all. (NOTE: This is a pre-recorded workshop and you will have lifetime access to the recording!)