Are you ready to experience the life of your dreams by feeling good, healthy & ALIGNED in your body, mind and soul?

If you’ve been feeling chronically ill and out of alignment with your true self, then this is for you…

Imagine living a life that feels aligned and completely free from chronic pain or illness.

Imagine feeling GOOD in your body, experiencing JOY & LOVE in all areas of your life, and knowing who you truly are and the purpose of your soul.

Imagine being able to experience the freedom of living in alignment with your soul, feeling confident in who you are and deepening your connection with the Universe…

Well, now you can!!!

Introducing… Healing With The Angels

Healing With The Angels is a 16-week group program that aligns you with your soul by teaching you how to heal on all levels of your being.

It brings back the connection between your body, mind and soul so that you can be FREE from your physical and emotional struggles, and live in absolute freedom and wellbeing.

You deserve to live the life of your dreams. And that life is possible for you!!! It all starts with deep emotional, spiritual and physical healing, which is exactly what this program teaches you how to accomplish. Plus you get to experience the powerful energy healing that the angels are here to bring you.

You have the right to live life to its fullest. In fact, it’s what you were MEANT to do!!!

Your struggles with your physical and emotional health are rooted in energy. So it takes healing on an energetic level to shift the momentum and begin moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

The amazing thing about healing oneself is that not only do you begin to feel better, but you also start to align to your true purpose and have a deeper level of connection with yourself.

Your healing is multi-faceted and can bring SO many powerful changes into your life!!!

But this healing can only happen if you choose to follow this path.

I know that the path can be scary and daunting, with so many unknowns and uncertainties.

That’s why I’ve created the Healing With The Angels program.

So that you don’t have to go through this journey alone.

When you have the angels surrounding you and guiding you with their love, there is nothing but healing, growth and movement forward in your life.

Not only that, but the energy I channel combined with the tools you will learn and the action steps you take can bring INCREDIBLE changes on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. That’s why there’s no other program out there like this one.

This program brings you the healing, guidance and awareness that you need so that you can align your body, mind and soul with who you truly are, and experience the peace, love and truth of your highest self and potential.

It’s time that you lived an extraordinary life and no longer be held back by your chronic illness or symptoms.

You deserve to live an amazing life. The angels are stepping forward now to support you on this journey in the most powerful, guided and supported program that I have ever created to help those suffering from chronic illness.


Connecting to your soul

In order to be able to heal on all levels of your being, reconnecting to your soul’s essence and who you are is an important part of your journey.

It is this connection to your spirit and true self that will guide you in recognizing what is truly in alignment with your soul so that you can release everything that is not.

This topic covers many different aspects of establishing your soul connection, which will be taught over multiple lessons, including: soul integration (bringing pieces of your soul back into wholeness), how to connect to your Higher Self, how to connect to the love, peace and Divine energy within yourself, and understanding who you are and your purpose in this life.

Healing the mind

Your mind is a powerful aspect of who you are and how you experience life. Your mind is the creator of your reality, therefore it’s important to see what beliefs, fears and thoughts are being held in both your conscious mind and subconscious mind so that you can heal and release those which do not serve you.

This aspect of the program teaches you how to understand the root of the limiting beliefs and fears that hold many people back. We will be doing spiritual journeys with the angels to help you recognize and release subconscious energy, as well as reprogramming the mind with positive beliefs and truths that support your purpose and healing.

You will also learn how to integrate these new beliefs so that old fears and limiting beliefs do not resurface. This aspect of the program will also include past life healings to release any emotional pain you may still be holding onto. You will also learn how to consciously create and manifest your dream life with the support of the angels and the process of making decisions that are in alignment with your soul’s truth and purpose.

Body health and wellness

Any physical pain or symptom in our body always has a direct spiritual and emotional connection. The energetic work we do in this program that addresses the spiritual and emotional aspect of yourself will have a positive effect on the body as well.

In addition to this, you will be learning how to tune into yourself and communicate with your body, so that you ALWAYS know how to address any physical issues that may arise.

You will also receive cellular healing and activations in order to awaken your cells to their innate healing capabilities. You will learn the energetic tools you can use to support your body’s own healing process, as well as the physical aspect of what is needed for you in particular to support your body’s wellbeing.

Healing With The Angels starts on March 13th!

This is a truly unique program that is going to change your life.


Cristina’s spiritual gifts are phenomenal! However, many people have spiritual gifts. What sets Cristina apart, in my opinion, is that she is the most humble, kind, and truly loving, person I have ever worked with.

I felt safe releasing my truths to her- good and bad. She has taught me things about the Divine Essence of myself and all others, that were beyond my wildest dreams.

~Joan Tomlin


I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience, and that Cristina is such an amazing, patient mentor and guiding me with love and compassion and helping me to grow in such a big way that I am now able to start fulfilling my real life purpose here on Earth.

~Trudi Van Huyssteen


Overall, it was such an amazing and incredible experience. Cristina was so down to earth, compassionate, nonjudgmental, kind, knowledgeable, intuitive, and special. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would sincerely recommend working with her to anyone.

If you resonate with Cristina and are feeling called to work with her my advice to you is to GO FOR IT! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain <3

~Kelly Espino


It would be without a doubt that Cristina and the Archangels work wonders, being guided and supported by Cristina and the angels was a reassuring feeling knowing there would be no judgement on your outcome.

~Yvette Munasinghe


Cristina has helped me gain clarity on how I’m meant to serve others with my spiritual gifts. Through Cristina’s healing meditations with the A Angels and channelled guidance, I have peeled back the layers of my fears and have a clearer vision moving forward.

Cristina brings a beautiful, nurturing energy to all her courses and a healing space for us to grow and connect to our Higher Selves and to live our Souls truth and purpose 

~Brigitte O’Bery

If you’re ready to heal, feel free and live in alignment with your body, mind & soul, this program is exactly what will take you there!

What you get:

— 8 group calls

— 8 private 1-to-1 sessions

— Private FB group for support

— Lifetime access to ALL call recordings

— Healings and channelled messages/guidance from the angels throughout the entire program



This is a uniquely set up program, where you will be learning key aspects of true inner healing through bi-weekly group lessons and guided exercises from the angels. 

On the alternate weeks, you will have a private coaching and healing session with Cristina, where you will receive the deeper personal level of guidance and healing that you need to support you through this program.

That’s a total of 16 weeks together, individually and as a group, to support you in your healing and coming back into alignment with your true self.

The private FB group is there to support you by giving you a private space, where you will be able to ask questions and connect with other members going through a similar journey.

All of this at an amazing investment of:


Paid in full
This payment is due upon signing up and will be paid in FULL.

Best value $2,300

Two payments

A payment of $1,200 is due upon signing up and the second $1,200 is due 8 weeks later.

Total investment $2,400

Monthly payments

A payment of $625 is due upon signing up, followed by 3 monthly payments of $625.

Total investment $2,500

If you are READY to enjoy life and live in the freedom and joy of who you truly are, then Healing With The Angels is for you!

When you sign up for this 16-week program, you will understand the true purpose of your soul and what you need to do in order to live in alignment with who you truly are.

You will step into your power, and learn what steps you need to take in order to heal in your body, mind and soul

You will connect to a deeper truth and understanding of yourself.

You will be free from the chronic pain and illness that has held you back, and finally step onto the path of true freedom, health, unlimited opportunities and purpose.

It’s time to truly heal from the inside out and live in alignment with your body, mind and soul.

All of this at an amazing investment of:


Paid in full
This payment is due upon signing up and will be paid in FULL.

Best value $2,300

Two payments

A payment of $1,200 is due upon signing up and the second $1,200 is due 8 weeks later.

Total investment $2,400

Monthly payments

A payment of $625 is due upon signing up, followed by 3 monthly payments of $625.

Total investment $2,500

If you’re unsure if this program is the right fit, or have any questions at all, CLICK HERE TO REACH OUT to me so we can work out if this is the best program for you!

Disclaimer: By signing up to this program, you agree that the information and guidance provided does not replace medical advice or instruction.