Herschiel Angel Martius comes in a masculine energy that is a turquoise color. In case you are new to the Herschiel Angels, they are a newer angelic realm that has stepped forward a few years ago. Click here to watch the video about the Herschiel Angels.

The most important aspect about Herschiel Angel Martius is that he helps us to live in our truth. He helps us to live in the energy of who we truly are.

As a spiritual being, there’s a spiritual essence, that divine being within them, that never changes. That is always a part of them, but there is often a disconnect between that energy and the energy in which that person is living. Which means that they’re not living in the energy of their truth and not living in the energy of their highest potential.

Herschiel Angel Martius is here to help us truly LIVE in the energy of our truth. He is here to help us recognize where we might be disconnected and do the healing that is necessary for us to step into alignment with that truth.

He’s helping this as a collective in terms of the Earth as well. The Collective is also going through a healing process and elevation of consciousness. That’s why we’re so connected and why it’s so important to recognize that healing the Earth is as much of an important aspect of our collective healing as it is on an individual level.

Martius is also helping the Earth to go through its healing process. The Earth is also going through this healing and releasing and expansion and coming back to being in alignment with what the Earth was always meant to be. Whatever we are going through the Earth is going through as well, because we’re so interconnected. If we’re healing and growing, the Earth is healing and growing as well. So it’s a much deeper level of connection to the truth of who we are as spiritual beings and helping us to live in alignment with that.

This is very similar to Archangel Gabriel and the role that he plays in terms of helping us to connect to the truth of who we are and recognizing that truth and being able to speak that truth. Herschiel Angel Martius helps us to live in alignment with that truth and it’s a much greater divine truth.

As they step forward and they become more present on this Earth, the Herschiel Angels are bringing in a higher level of consciousness that has never been experienced on this Earth before. This is allowing us to access this deeper level of truth and connection to the spiritual energy of who we are.

The other thing that Martius does, which is really amazing and special, is that he helps us to open up to our abilities; in other words, the gifts that we are meant to live in alignment with our truth. Tied into that, he’s also associated with abundance.

So part of our truth as divine beings is that we are abundant, that we are limitless, and we have this unlimited potential that we’re always expanding and growing. That sense of overflow and abundance is very present with Martius and what he allows us to connect to and what he brings into our lives.

Working with Martius is very important for everyone, but especially if you are a spiritual teacher, a healer, or a lightworker. If you’re here to create a huge impact and change on this Earth then working with this Herschiel Angel will be very impactful. If you have special gifts and abilities that maybe either you have already opened up to, or you can feel that you have them, Martius is here to help you.

If you’ve already opened up to a certain level of your abilities, he’s here to take you to the next level, whatever that may be for you. It’s not that you open up your abilities and then you’re done and have no more growth for the rest of your life.

Your abilities also integrate into a different and deeper level. Different levels of abilities are able to open up as you travel on this journey, and there’s no limit to your abilities, to your gifts, in terms of the depth of what you’re able to do or reach with those gifts. 

Whether you’re just opening them up, or if you already have a certain level of awareness of your gifts and abilities, Herschiel Angel Martius is here to take you to that next level, whatever that is. You don’t have to be at a certain place on your journey, or you don’t have to have a certain level of knowledge / development / awakening / healing to begin to start working with these angels. You can call on them at any time.

The other way for you to work with Martius is with your healing. We’re always healing deeper layers of ourselves and connecting to a deeper truth of who we are. He helps you to let go of past trauma, past emotions, past memories, any of those things that are holding you back, that does not serve you in your purpose or in being able to stand up into who you truly are, strong in your power, your truth and your energy. He’s here to help you to let go, to heal and come back to understanding and seeing the light and magnificence that’s within you. This goes back to helping you to connect to your truth and a deeper level and understanding of your truth. To help you through that healing is one of the most powerful and important things that Martius is here to help you with.

So call on Martius whenever things are coming up for you, when you’re working through triggers, when you’re working through fears, doubts, whatever emotions come up for you, call on Martius to help you work through those and help you to release those things. If there’s past wounds that are opened up, because they’re ready for a new level of healing, call on Martius, he’s going to help you work through those. He’s going help you release those things. And he’s going to help you to reconnect back to the truth of who you are and stand strong in that light and in your own power.

The last thing that Martius helps you with is your level of trust. When it comes to this spiritual journey, living your purpose, reaching your highest potential, creating an impact in the world and really sharing your truth and your message, you have to trust in yourself and in the universe. You have to trust in this journey and in this path, even if you cannot see anything in front of you, you just know your next step and that’s it. You have to trust in your vision and in your heart’s desires. You have to trust in what you’re being called to do, and know that it’s through that pull, through that energy and connection that you are being led and guided to your greatest potential and living in your highest good.

Martius helps you with deepening that level of trust because your level of trust can always get deeper and deeper and deeper.

Even when you think “I’m really trusting of myself, I really trust in the universe.” there’s always a deeper level of trust that we can reach with that. I’ve shared experiences before where my level of trust was tested, so I know personally that your level of trust, no matter where it’s at, can always be strengthened. 

Watch this video to learn about Herschiel Angel Martius and to connect with his energy through a guided meditation! The meditation starts at 14:46.

I would absolutely love for you to share your experience with me. Let me know how that felt for you. What came through for you? Where is it that you are in alignment or where is it that you’re not in alignment with your truth? What are the next steps that you need to take? As you begin to connect with Martius in your day-to-day life, I would love to hear about your experience with him.

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