Are you ready to awaken to your spirituality, create a deeper connection with the Archangels and live in alignment with your soul?
You’ve felt a calling deep within you. You KNOW that you were meant for something more than what your life is currently like.
You have the desire to make the world a better place. You know you want to help others, you want to shine your light into the world and create a massive impact.
But you have no idea how or what you’re meant to be doing.
So how do you go from having no idea what path to take to discovering your soul’s purpose?
My name is Cristina, the Angelic Healer.
I’m a spiritual teacher and mentor, and I channel the Archangels.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and our journey here is about remembering who we truly are and the magic we were born to create and share. But we weren’t meant to do it alone. The Archangels are messengers of Divine Love and Light from Source/God/the Universe. They are here to help us on our life’s journey. They are here to help us remember our soul’s purpose and to live from the truth of our hearts. I’m here as a spiritual channel to connect you with the Archangels and to teach you how to tap into their energy to help you on your journey of spiritual awakening.
With the help of the Archangels you can…
— Know who you truly are — Remember your soul’s gifts — Connect and awaken to your spirituality — Bring your creativity to life — Have balance and peace in your body, mind and soul
It’s time to answer the calling of your heart. It’s time to uncover your truth and share your light and gifts with the world.
Explore what Angelic Healing is all about…

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