Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about where I am on this journey, how far I’ve come, and where I want to go.

It’s funny because what I realized is that I’m exactly where I envisioned myself and where I wanted to be, back when I was sitting in my corporate office just a year ago. I’ve been living my dream life for quite a few months now, but I never actually let it SINK IN or fully acknowledged it until now.

I hadn’t recognized that I was in the place where I was so desperately trying to get to just a year ago, because I was so focused on what’s next and where do I go next.

Seeing how far you’ve come and truly recognizing the changes you’ve been through in just a year, 6 months, 8 weeks, etc, is SO important to recognize your own growth.

And it also helps you to see just how POWERFUL you are in creating the life that you desire for yourself. Even if you haven’t reached the place where you have envisioned yourself to be yet, it’s so important for you to continue to BELIEVE in that vision and know that it is possible for you.

Anything is possible when you allow yourself to believe that it’s possible.

Now the thing that has been on my mind recently that I wanted to share in this blog is about how to afford the things you truly desire in life.

I know for me, some of the top things that I desire for my life are to: 1) Travel the world, 2) Speak and teach at in person events around the world, 3) Live by the ocean.

Your top things that you desire are probably very different (or maybe they’re very similar!) to mine. But whatever it is that your heart truly desires at this time, I am sure that at least one of those things requires money to make it a reality.

We live in a world where money is our means to an end. It’s the way we are able to have the “things”, as well as the EXPERIENCES, that enrich our lives and support us on this path and journey.

The number one thing that I see for people in their determination or belief in their dreams is whether or not they can afford it. Because let’s face it, if it seems like there’s no possible way for you to pay for what you desire, then how on Earth are you going to get that in the first place?

Well, this is what Archangel Ariel has stepped forward to talk to you about today and something that I want to share my personal experience with.

When it comes to being able to afford anything that we desire to purchase, the Universe responds to our actions and beliefs. This has been true for me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The Universe and the flow of money in our lives is DIRECTLY related to our own thoughts and beliefs.

So if we believe that we cannot afford something, and because of that, we deem it a “low priority” in terms of necessities and things we intend on buying, then the Universe responds by not providing the means with which to purchase something. If it’s not important to you, then it’s not important to the Universe to help you make it happen.

On the other hand, if we KNOW deep within our heart that something is meant for us AND that we can afford it (even if you cannot “logically” see it yet… this reminds me of the saying “believe it before you see it”; believe that you are able to afford something and you will), then the Universe will make it so that you CAN actually afford and be able to purchase what you desire.

For me, one of the biggest shifts in my life came from seeing the value of investing in myself and business. Rather than seeing it as something that “would be nice to have”, I began seeing it as a necessity for my growth and expansion. I valued it just as much as I valued other necessities like food and a home.

And it really wasn’t until I started to have this shift in my perspective on what it means to be able to afford the things that I desired, that I was actually able to begin seeing these things manifest in my life.

If I desired a successful business, then it was a necessity to invest in a business coach.

If I desired my business to grow, then it was a necessity to invest in a virtual assistant.

If I desired to travel, then it was a necessity to purchase the plane ticket.

I KNOW how scary it is to make a purchase because it feels like that money will never return. But it’s SO important to remember that when you combine TRUST and BELIEF in yourself and the support of the Universe, you will never be left hanging.

When I first started investing in a business coach, I literally only had enough for the first month’s payment. I had NO clue how I would pay for the rest of the coaching package, but I just knew that I would be supported and that I HAD to do this. I’ve never looked back since.

The Universe proves to me time and time again just how loved and supported we are, but we have to take the leap and reach for the stars if we want to create the life that we truly desire.

Now, I’m not saying to go spend money irresponsibly. What I’m saying is that you need to focus on what it is that you desire for yourself, and if you feel the nudge to go for it, then TRUST in that nudge. Trust that you will be supported and that you will be able to afford whatever it is that you are purchasing or creating for yourself.

This is where Archangel Ariel is stepping in to support you. She is coming forward to help you release the fears and doubts that come up, and to help you stretch outside of your comfort zone.

She is coming in to remind you of your truth as a Divine spiritual being. She says that as you stand in this truth of who you are, you will recognize just how supported and loved you are. You will see that there is nothing to fear, for the only truth that is real is that you are always surrounded by Divine love.

You are always being guided towards your highest good. The whispers of your heart will always be beating through you. It is up to you to listen to this truth and allow yourself to follow what you know is your path and calling. As you reach out and take this step, the Universe is ALWAYS there to lift you up and elevate you into your highest level and potential.

So call on AA Ariel today and ask her to show you the way forward. Ask her to give you a sign if it is the right time to step into that next level.

She is also reminding you that money is an energy. Money is always flowing through you. When you are open to giving it away, it will always come back to you!!! If you want to learn more about the truth about money, check out my video on Facebook right here.

Manifesting what you truly desire in your life is all within your hands and power. You truly are a magnificent, Divine being and when you open yourself up to believing in yourself and trusting, you will begin to manifest and afford the things you desire with ease.

It’s about seeing the things that you desire as a necessity, and BELIEVING in your ability to afford those things. When you believe you can, that is when the Universe responds with helping you make it happen.

The Archangels and Angels of Abundance are ALWAYS here to help you create the life of your dreams.

Ever since I started working with them to co-create my life on purpose, it seems like the things I call in appear faster and FAR BETTER than I could have ever expected. Manifesting and creating the life that you desire gets to be FUN and easy when you work with the angelic realms to support you!!

That’s why I’ve created an 8-week program called Manifesting With The Angels where I teach you step-by-step everything that you need to know to support you in creating the life of your dreams.

This program includes POWERFUL healings with the Archangels, attunement to the level of money you desire, manifestation practices and rituals and connecting to your truth and power so that you are creating a life that is in alignment with your highest good.

I’m SO excited for this program, which starts on June 22nd. This is everything that I have put into practice in my own life that has brought me to where I am today – running my business full time, travelling the world, and running in-person live events. And yes, I’m working on creating the oceanside home as we speak. 😉

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Cristina, The Archangel Channel

PS. I’d love to hear from you below – what are the top things that you are manifesting in your life right now? What perspective shift has helped you see your ability to create the things that you desire?