How to connect to your Higher Self - a message from AA Raphael


Your connection to your Higher Self is an important part of your spiritual journey and discovering who you truly are on a soul level.

The Higher Self is the highest form of spiritual expression. It is your Divine spiritual essence and the purest form of your soul’s existence. When we incarnate on Earth, the soul comes down with us, but there is a part of it – our Higher Self – that stays in the spiritual realms. This is part of ourselves is always energetically connected to us, even if we aren’t always aware of that connection.

The Higher Self is here to guide us in living our potential and fulfilling our purpose.

And our entire spiritual journey here is about embodying the energy of our Higher Self and its Divine spiritual essence.

So in this blog post today, Archangel Raphael is stepping forward with a message on how to connect with your Higher Self and grow that connection further on your journey.

What he’s sharing about in this blog post is not just about how to connect with your Higher Self in a single moment. Archangel Raphael is sharing the steps you need to take to actually STAY connected to the energy of your Higher Self and feel its energy in your everyday life. The more we feel this energy, the more we are able to embody it, and the more we are able to live from this Divine higher perspective in our life.

Ultimately, your purpose here is to embody your Higher Self. Your purpose is to embody the energy of your Divine Being and allow the energy to expand and be a part of everything that you create and everything that you experience here on Earth.

The very first thing that Archangel Raphael wants you to know is that it’s important for you to remember that you are never disconnected from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the spiritual version of you, the ultimate form and Divine Being of who you are. This is who you always have been and this energy is always a part of you.

As I mentioned before, what you are ultimately here to do is embody the energy of your Higher Self in your human form. This isn’t to say that you are getting rid of all of your human characteristics such as feeling fear or feeling any sort of emotions. It’s about you allowing the energy of your Higher Self and that Divine Being to be a part of you and be a part of your human experience.

This whole journey is about strengthening your connection and embodying the energy of your Higher Self in your everyday life.

So the question is – HOW do you actually connect to the energy of your Higher Self?

Archangel Raphael shares that the best way for you to connect to this powerful Divine energy is through your heart center (also known as heart chakra). Your heart chakra is the space that holds Divine love and your connection to Source energy.

When you connect to the energy of Divine love within your heart, you are connecting to your Higher Self and the energy of your Divine Being.

I know that for me personally, when I connect to my Higher Self, I immediately always feel it in my heart space. This is where your connection to your Higher Self exists. Whenever I do journeys and whenever I connect people to the Higher Self, it always starts with your heart space. The connection is always there. You can even imagine a connection from the heart space up to spiritual realms where your Higher Self is and feeling that connection growing, expanding and becoming a part of who you are.

Archangel Raphael wants you to know that you can call on him to support you with connecting to Divine love.

What often happens is that people feel a sense of disconnection or block to really feeling that Divine love that exists within them and really feeling that connection to who they truly are.

What Archangel Raphael is here to do, is to support you in forming that connection. He is here to support you in helping to connect to the Divine love that exists within. He’s here to help you to connect with the energy and to release anything that is blocking you from connecting to that Divine energy.

Working with Archangel Raphael is going to be super important for you in terms of allowing the energy of your Higher Self to be a part of you and everything that you do.

Here is the process for you to go through with Archangel Raphael if you’re feeling disconnected from your Higher Self and your heart space:

The first thing is to close your eyes. Tune into yourself and bring your focus to your heart space. Allow everything else to be released and then call on Archangel Raphael and ask him to help you open up your heart chakra and to open you up to connecting to the Divine love that exists within.

Once you do that you will feel Archangel Raphael stepping forward. The next that you do is allow that energy within your heart to expand. Feel that Divine love and connection. Feel how it begins to expand all around you. Allow this energy to come forward and expand into every single cell in your body, even beyond your body.

As you do that, feel how the energy of your Higher Self steps forward. Feel how the energy of your Higher Self begins to be embodied in the energy of love that is expanding all around you. As you connect with your Higher Self feel how that connection start to grow. As it does, you will feel a sense of remembrance and awakening begin to form. Allow that remembrance of your purpose to come to you, that remembrance of what your next step is and the connection to trust, faith, and support within yourself.

This is one of the most important things that our Higher Self brings to us and what he or she reminds us about when we connect to him or her (depending on who your Higher Self is).

Once you take these steps, you can then open your eyes and begin to do whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing next. Allow the energy to carry the momentum forward so that you can then take that next step or do whatever it is that you’re being guided to do at that time after connecting to your Higher Self.

If you have not connected to Archangel Raphael before or if you do not know much about him and would like to connect with his energy, make sure you check out my blog post about Archangel Raphael  and check out my YouTube video where I connect you with Archangel Raphael’s energy!


Let me know if you have any questions about what I shared today or any other questions about connecting with the Archangels or your experiences with Archangel Raphael!


Cristina, The Archangel Channel