Today Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Gabriel came forward with a super inspirational topic to talk about, which is all about getting into the FLOW.

The flow of creation. The flow of abundance. The flow of life in general.

There is a huge difference when we are living in the flow versus when we are resistant to the energy. I know that for me, I’ve experienced both many times in my life. And yes, I would much rather live in the energy of flow than resistance, which, if you’re reading this, I think that you probably would too!!

So before I share some tips on how to get out of resistance and how to get into the flow, let’s talk a little bit about the difference between the two.

When you are in the energy of flow, it feels like everything is falling into place. Everything in life moves smoothly and effortlessly. You feel inspired. You feel empowered. You feel completely supported. You trust. You let go of expectations. You allow life to unfold before you and you go with the flow of changes that come along the way.

On the other hand, if you are in a place of resistance, then everything feels hard. It feels like you are fighting against everything and you are constantly trying to put so much energy and effort into moving forward and taking the next step. You might feel discouraged. It feels like the things you want are taking FOREVER to manifest themselves in your life. It literally feels like you are paddling against the stream.

I know that it probably sounds like being in the flow should come easily and naturally. Yet so many people struggle with it. Why???

Because being in the flow means being totally connected to spirit and your intuition. It means completely believing and trusting in yourself and in the Universe. It means being patient and trusting in Divine timing. And these are all areas that people struggle with the most!!!

Instead of leaning into intuitive guidance, they try to figure things out with their logical mind.

Instead of allowing things to unfold the way they are supposed to, they try to push and control so that things turn out the way they want to.

Instead of connecting to the truth of who they are and to their heart, they feel unworthy until what they want comes into fruition.

But the problem with all of this is that it creates the energy of resistance, which then slows down the flow of creation and manifestation. If we could just let go of our doubts and worries, and truly lean into the trust and support that the Universe brings us, everything would flow so much smoother and so much easier!!!!

It really is our human minds that we need to be aware of so that we can release the thought patterns that hold us back from tuning into spiritual guidance and trusting in ourselves and in the Universe.

If you’re reading this and going, “Yup that’s totally me”, know that you are SO not alone!!!! I’ve been where you were and I STILL have times where I stumble and have a hard time letting go of control and expectations. We all do it. It’s part of our human nature. But the cool thing is that we can unlearn this silly tendency and learn how to lean into our spiritual Divine being by default instead.

Imagine if when you want to call in a certain amount of money, instead of the first reaction being, “how on EARTH am I supposed to afford that?”, it switches to, “I’m so excited!!! Show me the way Universe”. No effort, whatsoever. Just pure trust and allowance.

THAT is when you are truly in the flow of the energy of creation.

Our minds are SERIOUSLY that powerful. Powerful enough that when we start thinking of the doubts and worries and reasons why we can’t have what we want, we literally create that reality too.

That’s why being in the flow of the energy of creation and of abundance makes manifesting so much faster and effortless!! You do your part and let the Universe do its part, rather than you trying to do the whole entire thing yourself. It never works.

How to get into the flow of creation and abundance

1. Let go of your expectations

The VERY first thing that AA Chamuel and Gabriel are talking about is that you have to let go of your expectations!!!! Expectations in the sense of how things will unfold. Not your expectations of what you are able to have.

SO many times my mind has tried to plan every single detail of how things will work out for me in order to get to the place that I want. I remember I used to do it ALL the time when I was trying to quit my 9-5 job. I would plan out exactly how it would all unfold, from the way I would quit to the things I would do in my business to make it happen.

The result? None of it worked out based on my plan or timeline.

I was finally able to leave my job when I had let go of my need to control the situation and COMPLETELY hand it over to the Archangels. After I fully let go of those expectations and just TRUSTED that what I desired would be mine, it happened so quickly!!!

So if you find yourself planning out the “how”, I’m going to ask you to STOP right now! 🙂 Instead, call on Archangel Michael (he is specifically stepping forward right now for this) and give him this energy of trying to control the “how”. Visualize yourself literally handing over this energy to him. And then say, “I fully trust and believe in the Divine timing of this path. I trust and know that what is meant to be mine will always find me on my journey”.

2. Trust in the process.

There’s one thing to say the words “I trust in the process and in Divine timing” versus actually FEELING and embodying that energy of trust. So how do you go from one to the other?

By following intuitive and spiritual guidance. Our Higher Self, the Archangels and all of the other spiritual beings of Divine love and light are here to support us. That is their sole purpose – to guide us on our own human path so that we can fulfill our purpose and Divine destiny on this Earth.

They KNOW the path that you need to take that is for your highest good. They know your next steps. They know the healing that you need to do. They KNOW. So when they guide you to move in a certain direction, or to take a certain course, or to move to a certain place, or to let go of certain people in your life, it’s because it’s important for you.

When you desire to manifest a certain number of clients in your business and they guide you to do X, Y, Z (even if they aren’t all business-related), it’s because the energy of all of those things is going to fully support you in what you desire to create.

I know that there can be a lot of hesitation for people when it comes to tuning into their hearts or listening to guidance from the angels. The #1 way to release that hesitation is through practice and having faith by taking leaps into the unknown. If you are being PULLED into a certain direction that is totally unknown or feels “risky”, trust it. You wouldn’t be feeling called to something if it wasn’t meant for you.

There is no way I would be called to move to California if I wasn’t meant to live here. It just wouldn’t have been a desire or dream of mine. Your desires and the pulls that you feel never lie to you. If you aren’t meant to do something, you’ll know because you won’t feel called to it.

It’s important to trust in the messages and signs that you receive and to know that you are always being guided onto the path that is for your highest good. So trust in that path. Trust in the process. It will ALWAYS lead you to exactly where you need to be.

3. Connect to the Divine Feminine energy.

This is a powerful topic!!!! First off, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies exist in every single person. It is not something that is only male or female-based. We ALL have both. And yet many of us have been majorly operating from the energy of the Divine Masculine for most of our lives.

The Divine Masculine is great and is so important for creation and for our journey! It brings in a logical, strategic, action-oriented energy. Very needed and important. BUT, when we only live from the Divine Masculine energy, we don’t allow the Divine Feminine to play its role, which is just as equally powerful and important.

The Divine Feminine energy is one of receiving, allowing, flow, and nurturance. When we are connected to the Divine Feminine, we can easily release and let go of control, allow the Universe to take care of its responsibilities in our creations, and feel completely supported and guided.

This energy is what helps us totally get into the energy of flow and creation. It helps us tune into ourselves and our intuition, and easily follow the flow of life in general. When you are connected to the Divine Feminine and it is balanced with the Divine Masculine, creation and manifestation becomes so much easier and effortless!!!

Tapping into your unlimited creative abilities

Taking these 3 steps is just the beginning of being able to tap into your UNLIMITED manifestation powers and abilities.

I absolutely LOVE working with the Archangels and Herschiel Angels for manifesting simply because it is so powerful and effective.

I have literally changed my life in less than a year, going from working a 9-5 job, to now running my business full-time, while travelling the world to host in-person retreats, and moving from Ontario to California!!! And this is just the beginning.

Once you get into the FLOW of creation and abundance, you can literally create anything that you desire.

This is why I have a full course that is dedicated to teaching you how you can create the same transformation in your own life, all with the help and guidance of the angelic realms.

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I would love to hear from you – let me know in what area(s) of your life you are feeling resistance and are going to use these tips to get back into the flow! If you have any questions, pop them below too. 🙂

Cristina, The Archangel Channel