How To Know If It's Ego Or The Archangels

In this blog post, I’m going to answer a very common question that I get ALL the time – how to distinguish between receiving guidance from the Archangels versus receiving guidance that comes from your mind/imagination/ego.

I think that EVERYONE asks this question at some point on their spiritual journey. I know that I certainly did!!!

This is a huge thing for every single person, and it’s an important one too, because when it comes to opening up to your spiritual gifts and deepening your spiritual connection, TRUST is a vital part of the process.

Deepening your connection to the Universe, the Archangels and your own self requires trust. The spiritual journey itself requires trust. And the messages and guidance that you receive from Spirit absolutely requires trust.

The reason why it’s so hard for us to trust is because many of us have grown up being only tuned into the physical world around us. Meaning that any sort of “proof” or validation of our decisions is based on physical evidence.

But there is no such thing as physical evidence when it comes to your connection to Spirit. Yes, of course there are signs! Signs are awesome. But most people cannot physically see the Archangels standing beside them like they do another human being.

Your knowing of their presence is solely based on your psychic senses – feeling, seeing (in your mind’s eye), hearing or knowing. And if you haven’t practiced using these senses for most of your life, then it will take time to trust them as you learn how to develop them and use them.

So it’s important to understand that it takes time, but more importantly, it takes PRACTICE to get comfortable and to trust in your abilities and the guidance you are receiving from the Archangels (and how to know when it’s coming from ego!).

In this blog post, I will be showing you how to distinguish between the two, and also share some tips on how to deepen your connection to the Archangels.

Let’s first talk about what ego feels like or sounds like, and what kind of experience we have when we receive information or guidance from the ego mind.

The ego mind is basically our “human mind”. It’s the human part of us. Not the part that’s connected to the spiritual realm, or our Higher Self. The ego is the part of us that is here to basically keep us safe and avoid danger. It’s a natural part of us and our experience here on Earth. It’s our “human-ess”. The ego is not all bad. It plays an important role in our development and growth. But it’s important to understand that the ego also limits us. It wants to keep us safe, therefore it doesn’t like experiences that force you to stretch and grow. It also views things from a different perspective than Spirit. It likes to compare. It likes to blame or shame oneself or others. It judges and criticizes. And it holds a lot of fear.

And even though all those things I just listed sound like they’re “bad” and that there’s nothing good about the ego, the positive side of this is that it’s through understanding and distinguishing between the ego and Spirit that we are able to fully embody our Higher Self and who we truly are.

As you go through this journey of spiritual growth and awakening, you’ll find that it gets easier and easier to distinguish between the ego and Spirit or your Higher Self. And the more your awareness is open to this, the more you will know when you are out of alignment with your true self. And whenever we are out of alignment, it always offers an amazing opportunity for healing and growth!


How To Distinguish The Ego

The first indicator that guidance is coming from your ego is that it is based in fear. In other words, making a decision because of fear of the unknown, fear of taking a risk, fear of failure, etc. It’s when you are guided to make a decision that is “safe” rather than what is truly aligned to you.

Now, it’s important to understand that this is different to when you FEEL fear when you are making a decision. When we are making huge decisions – like big investments, big life changes, etc – fear is a normal part of that. The fear is coming up because the ego is freaked out about the big decision and the options and the unknown.

With this big decision, ego will guide you to stay within your comfort zone. Ego will tell you that you’re not ready for something (even though you really are). Ego will think about all of the things that could go wrong if you were to take the path with the bigger leap. Ego will try to direct you onto the path that is “safe” but not necessarily for your highest good.

The other indicator that you are receiving guidance from ego is that it feels like there’s a HUGE pressure on you to get something done or figure something out.

It’s this feeling of:

“If you don’t do this then you’re not good enough”

“If you don’t get this whole to-do list done today, then you’re not good enough, you’re not doing enough, you’re not busy enough, you’re not working hard enough”

It also likes to bring in this sense of urgency and scarcity:

“If you don’t do this now, then you’re going to miss out on something”

“If you don’t do this now there won’t be enough people or enough money for you, so you better hurry up and do this now”

Overall, guidance from the ego doesn’t FEEL good. It won’t feel aligned. And you will feel a sense of resistance. When it doesn’t feel good that’s when you know that whatever the guidance is that you’re getting is not in alignment with you, or with your Higher Self, which means that the guidance did not come from the Divine.


How To Distinguish The Archangels

When it comes to the Archangels and their guidance (I will specifically talk about the Archangels but this applies to any other spiritual being that works in the light and in the love of the Divine) they speak with so much love and so much peace.

No matter what they say to you, you cannot deny the presence of that love. You cannot deny the feelings or that peaceful energy that they bring. This is the number one indicator that you are receiving guidance from the Archangels – you feel so loved and so good about what they’re telling you.

The next thing is that they’re always supportive of you. So even though you might think that you have to do a certain thing or go about something a certain way and they say that it’s not the right direction for you, they will never tell you in a way that is disempowering to you.

The Archangels are ALWAYS guiding, supporting you and leading you.

So if they tell you to start going in a different direction, they will SHOW you what the way right way is for you. They’re always very supportive and give you guidance and tell you exactly what you need to do.

For example… if there is something that you need to shift or heal within yourself, they will direct you to exactly what it is that you need to do. They will show you what you need to look at, what the energy is like, and what energy you need to shift to be able to achieve whatever it is that you desire.

In relation to that, NO MATTER WHAT, they always guide you in a very positive way. After every single client session, the client always leaves feeling SO empowered. They leave feeling so good about themselves, so supported and so full of peace because that’s the energy that the Archangels bring. And THAT is the power of working with the Archangels and receiving their guidance. It leaves you with this amazing energy and good feeling within yourself.

The feeling when you are receiving guidance from the Archangels is literally the exact opposite of the ego mind.


Going Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

One important thing that I want to make note of and make sure that you understand is that sometimes (or 95% of the time!) that Archangels will give you guidance that will ask you to step outside of your comfort zone!!!

It’s important for you to understand that they are pushing you outside of your comfort zone because it’s NECESSARY for your growth, expansion and to move forward on your journey. And the resistance that you feel to this (ie., fear) comes from the ego because it is scared to venture out into the unknown. This is often where the ego will guide you to do the exact opposite, because the ego always guides you to doing whatever is “safer” for you.

Whenever there is a sense of fear that is paired with excitement, that means that it’s the direction that you need to go in because that is an indicator that you are moving outside of your comfort zone. The excitement and joy that you feel (despite the fear) is the feeling of your Higher Self, of your soul, and of the Archangels guiding you in the direction that is for your highest good and for your highest potential.


Three Steps to Distinguish Between Ego and the Archangels

I want to give you three simple steps to help you with knowing, understanding and practicing to distinguish between the ego mind and the Archangels. These will also help you in your connection with the Archangels, so you can deepen your connection with them and receive their guidance and messages with more clarity:

1) Ask your ego mind to shut off.

You can say something like: “Ego, I love you but I need you to be quiet right now. I need you to just go and sit in the corner. I don’t need your advice right now. I just need to listen to the Archangels.”

You can say something along those lines where you ask ego mind to just be quiet and shut down a bit. This works REALLY well. So if you find yourself having trouble receiving information then ask your ego mind to be quiet.

2) Call on Archangel Uriel.

Archangel Uriel is AMAZING at helping us receive information with clarity. If you feel like you’re receiving information but it kind of feels confusing or uncertain, then ask Archangel Uriel to step forward and ask him to help you receive information with clarity.

Practice is the BEST way to deepen your connection with the Archangels. With practice, you get more familiar with the energy around you and this will help you with trust. Because like I’ve said before… trusting takes practice.

The more you practice receiving messages and guidance, the easier it is to trust. You also get more familiar energy and then it’s a lot easier to distinguish between the Archangels talking or when it’s your ego mind talking.

Those are my tips for you so if you have any questions about this please let me know in the comments below!

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I also invite you to watch my video below where you can hear all of this information.



Leave a comment and let me know your experiences or if you have any questions!


Cristina, The Archangel Channel