I have an important question to ask you today… What is your biggest dream?

What do you desire to experience in your life?

Your heart’s dreams and desires are important. They’re important to pay attention to, but even more than that, it’s important to follow your dreams!!!

You are the creator of your life. You can have and experience ANYTHING that you want. Your dreams are yours to follow. The dreams and desires that we feel within our hearts are part of our soul’s experience of the highest potential here on Earth.

And today I have a message to share with you from Archangel Uriel, all about how to make your dreams come true!

Also, if you have not connected with him before or do not know much about him, then make sure to read the previous blog post and check out my YouTube video about Archangel Uriel where I explain who he is and how you can connect with his energy. The YouTube video also includes a short meditation where I bring his energy in so that you can feel his presence and get familiar with his energetic connection!

The spiritual journey of self-discovery and awakening opens you up to your heart’s dreams and desires.

This is a part of what we are here to do and experience as soul’s living this human life. We are MEANT to dream. We are meant to have desires. And we are meant to follow those dreams.

Our dreams and desires are like a compass from the soul. It is a guiding light from your heart that shows you the direction to living your life’s greatest purpose and potential. We all have different and unique dreams. And yet the experiences of those dreams all have something in common.

They fulfill us. They help us grow. They offer us a euphoric experience of joy, love and purpose.

Our dreams are not just “something” that perhaps we can do if we are lucky. They are the energy of our greatest potential. They are the driving force of us creating a life that we truly love and enjoy. In creating and living your dreams, you are living your purpose and are experiencing the things that your soul was meant to experience.

Archangel Uriel is coming forward to tell you that the number one thing that you need in order to be able to create your dreams and to be able to step forward on this path is to…

Trust and believe in yourself and in the Divine timing of the Universe.

The thing that I hear about the most from people (and that I’ve personally experienced) is the frustration around how things don’t always seem to be working out or aligning the way we want them to. It can feel frustrating because it feels like we aren’t moving forward fast enough in the direction of making our dreams a reality.

And we can begin to question ourselves, question whether that dream is for us, question whether we were meant to do it, and question whether we are even able to do it.

And so the most important reminder from Archangel Uriel today is to TRUST that the big dream you feel inside of you is meant for you!!! You have to trust in yourself, but also trust that the Universe is bringing EXACTLY what you need, at the very moment that you need it to help you move forward.

You have to let go of your own ideas or expectations of how things should unfold, and surrender to the Divine timing of the Universe. When you are able to do that, you’ll see that you’re able to more easily let go of any feelings of frustration and enjoy the journey.

Archangel Uriel reminds you that your dreams, desires, ideas about creating something amazing are there for a reason. These dreams are there to help you feel connected to who you are and to the energy peace, joy, love and abundance and all of those feelings. Those dreams are there because they were meant to be created by you.

If an idea or desire came into your mind, then you have already created it in the spiritual realms. Your thoughts are energy. The things that you create are energy. If you thought about something and begin to think about it more and more, you’re putting more and more energy into this creation.

The more you focus on what you desire to create, the more you are pulling it into its manifestation into your physical reality.

Think of it this way: it’s not about whether or not you’re worthy of receiving your desires or whether you deserve it or not. Archangel Uriel reminds you that you can have ANYTHING that you desire. Anything that you desire that is for your highest good and that connects you to the energy of love, joy, abundance and peace is part of who you are and you are here to create that.

You are a co-creator with the Universe. You are here to co-create your life the way that you want it to be. You have that power!!! And it’s amazing. So the energy that you need to tap into is the belief and trust in yourself and that you’re able to do it.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, when you imagine something (like an idea or desire), you create this small speck of energy in the spiritual realms that holds the energy of this thought or idea. You can think of it like a seed of your desire.

And so the more you think about it and put your energy into it, meaning you’re putting your feelings, your thoughts and excitement into it, the more the creative energy around this thought or desire begins to build. That little seed you had when you first thought of the idea starts to grow. More energy builds up around it and the Universe brings in circumstances and opportunities to bring that thought or idea into physical reality. The energy continues to grow and grow and until finally it manifests into physical form!

So if you’re having your doubts about your ability to make your dreams come true, Archangel Uriel is asking you to switch your perspective.

“I am able to create this!”
“I am a powerful co-creator!”
“I trust and believe in myself and it’s just a matter of time.”

It’s important to remember that time isn’t actually real. Time is just something that we have to experience here as humans in the physical realm. Meaning that in the spiritual realms, there is no such thing as time. And if your thoughts are instantly being created in the spiritual realms, then it means that they already exist. And since we are bound by time here on Earth, it’s only a matter of allowing that time to pass before we see our creations appear in our physical reality.

When it comes to creating your dreams, be open to the guidance and timing of the Universe.

You don’t have to try and figure everything out. You don’t have to figure out the “how” when it comes to your big dreams. Allow the Universe to bring in the guidance of what the next steps are that you need to take. It’s important to let go of your need to control the outcome of a situation, because the Universe ALWAYS knows better than we do what the path and final outcome should be that is for our highest good.

So remember… TRUST and BELIEVE in yourself and in the Universe!!!

You are a powerful co-creator. You are connected to Source energy, which means that you have that Divine universal energy flowing through you. The same energy that created the planets and the Earth is flowing through you. Your job is to direct where it goes. You direct what you want to create in your life and it’s a matter of trusting and believing in that, and trusting and believing in yourself. Be patient, knowing that what you desire is coming to you in perfect Divine timing.


If you have any questions or you want to share your experience with co-creation and working with Archangel Uriel or with trusting and believing in yourself then please let me know in the comments below!!


Cristina, The Archangel Channel