The Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8/2020 is an incredibly powerful stream of divine energy that will be flowing through to support us on our individual and collective journeys!!

When we connect and tune into this energy, we are activating a deeper level of consciousness within ourselves.

This activation supports us in elevating into a greater divine flow of abundance, healing and support.

As we raise our vibration and consciousness on a collective level, we are each given the opportunity to expand in our soul’s level of healing and growth. This means living in greater alignment with our truth, our divine power, and our potential as spiritual beings in a human experience on Earth.

The Lion’s Gate Portal this year is asking us to tune into this truth and light within our hearts, so that we can be ready and open to receive.

Join Cristina Aroche and the Archangels for a channelled group healing activation and connection to the Lion’s Gate Portal energy!!!

This healing and activation will support you with:

— Healing on a higher frequency

— Accessing a deeper level of truth within yourself

— Tuning into the flow of abundance, love, trust and support from the Universe

— Feeling a deeper sense of connection to your divine soul and who you truly are 

Join in on the powerful activation and healing on 8/8 for just $49!!!

Recording of this session will be made available that you can listen to at any time.