“Restoring the connection to yourself and who you are.”

This is what I heard when I tuned in and asked the angels what the theme and energy focus was about for the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8/2021.

It is the restoration of your divine light being.

An elevation of your frequency and how you experience the world.

A regeneration on a cellular level.

Realignment and connection with your true self.

This Lion’s Gate Portal of 2021 is meant to be a deeply healing and reconnective process.

It is meant to support us and guide us to come back to our true selves and the infinite divine power and wisdom that we hold.

Through this Lion’s Gate Portal we are healing multiple timelines from the past so that we can show up in our truth.

No longer being held back by limiting thoughts. No longer holding onto the past for fear of letting go. But embracing ALL of ourselves and the powerful energy we hold within our heart.

This Lion’s Gate Portal Activation is supporting us with the embodiment of higher frequencies and our divine soul energy.

So that we can:

— Live in our highest truth and potential

— Show up fully for ourselves and others

— Follow our purpose and heart’s calling

— Create the life we truly desire to live

Archangel Haniel, Jophiel, Metatron + the Herschiel Angels are all coming forward to support you with this deeply healing and transformative process.

When you sign up for the Lion’s Gate Portal Activation, you get:

— Pre-work PDF + audio recording to prepare for the 8/8 Lion’s Gate + New Moon combo

— An audio recording with guidance on how to make the most of this activation, especially in the days afterwards + accompanying PDF journal (released on 8/8)

— An audio recording of the Lion’s Gate Portal Activation, which is a guided energy healing and journey, channelled directly from the angels and divine beings of light and love (released on 8/8)

Join in on the powerful activation and healing on 8/8 for just $29!!!

You will be redirected to the online course platform where you will find the pre-work already available. The rest of the content will be released on 8/8 at 12:00am Pacific time.