Today on the blog I’m so excited to be sharing more about a newer angelic realm called the Herschiel Angels!

The Herschiel Angels first stepped forward for me on June 21st, 2018.

Let me start off by sharing how this all happened and then we can get into the details to give you more information about who they are. As always, I was sitting down to channel in the morning, as I do every single morning. I sit down with my specific journal, just for my morning channelings with the angels, and I’ll say “What do I need to know for myself?” Usually, I’ll just tune in and see which Archangel steps forward. 

So, I sat down on this beautiful morning. It was June 21st, it was the summer solstice here and as soon as I tuned in, I felt this immense energy stepping forward and I knew right away that it was not an Archangel.

She started to give me information – I was just channel writing and she was telling me that she is from a new angelic realm that is coming forward to bring sacred knowledge and information. She was sharing more about her role with me specifically, how I’m here to share that information and connect with her. At the end, she told me that her name is Herschiel Angel Alexandra.

Alexandra has been the master teacher, the master guide, the leader. She has introduced me to other angels as well but she is always the one who’s there and she is always standing alongside the other ones that come forward. She was the first one that I connected with and she was telling me about how they’re stepping forward to bring this information.

Afterwards, Alexandra told me that they were going to be channeling with me every day. So the next day, she came forward and then two other angels came forward with her. I channeled with them, their names, who they are, how they’re here to work with us and with the Earth, their specific role in all of that, and then it just continued like that. There’s seven angels and I’ve only met five so far. Oftentimes, Alexandra steps forward to give me information, while the other angels have been more recent to begin to work with me personally.

The Herschiel Angels are stepping forward at this time because of where we’re at in our collective evolution in our consciousness.

People are awakening – we are all in this journey of spiritual awakening, growth, understanding and connecting with the spiritual world. One thing is for sure – our collective consciousness is rising.

We have reached a certain point in terms of our evolution where now it’s time for the Herschiel Angels to step forward and continue supporting us in our evolution. They’re here to bring us this sacred knowledge and healing. They have an immensely powerful healing energy but they are coming forward to support us in creating a new world, the new Earth. We’re letting go of the 3D way of being and stepping into 5D. They are coming forward to support this next step of evolution in our consciousness because we’re ready!

The Archangels have been here with us this entire time in terms of our evolution, supporting us, helping us through everything that we’ve been going through as a collective, through all of the millennia of our existence. Now, a new energy is stepping forward to support the continued evolution. The Archangels brought us to a certain point and now the Herschiels bring us even further, working together with the Archangels. 

The Herschiel Angels are bringing in this new wave of energy that we need to be able to reach the next level. They are of an even higher vibration than the Archangels. They are the ones who are able to bring that energy in to help elevate us to that next level.

This is the first time that they are coming here to connect with us, in the Earthly realm. As we begin to learn about them and as they begin to make their presence known to us, you are going to begin to be able to connect with them. This is something that has never been seen before in our evolution, which is really amazing because it means that we’re growing, that we’re expanding. 

If we’re expanding into something that we’ve never seen or experienced before, it’s because we’re stepping outside of what has always been the safe zone or what has always been within the realms of the 3D world. Now, we’re stepping outside of that and the Herschiel Angels are stepping forward because people are ready to hear the information that they’re bringing, to receive the healing that they’re here to bring, and to evolve to that next stage.

Here’s a brief overview of each of the Herschiel Angels that I have met so far:

Herschiel Angel Alexandra was the very first one that I connected with. She is like the teacher, the master teacher. She’s always present. She steps forward as this very bright white energy and she also has an upside down triangle in rainbow colors. The colors of the Herschiel Angels’ energy has been different than what I’ve seen with the Archangels. It’s more of pale colors and tones. 

I’ve experienced a healing with Herschiel Angel Marcus and it was so powerful. I’m excited to bring that into my work and into what I’m going to be doing. He stepped forward and I just tuned in. Marcus brings in sacred knowledge, this higher information, in terms of what is needed for our evolution and knowledge that we have not had access to up until this point. He works a lot with helping us to remember who we are as a divine sacred being and he helps to activate that remembrance within us.

Arctius works a lot with the planet Earth and he is playing a huge role in healing the Earth. He will be working with the vortexes and the sacred sites that exist on this planet. He also helps with past life work, remembering who we are and what we have done here already so that we can now begin to bring that information back. For many of us, we are old souls and have been here for thousands of years. We have a lot of old, sacred information within us that is ready to be uncovered and ready to be used again. 

Amenis helps a lot with the new souls that are coming into Earth to bring in the energy of peace, love and light. She’s here to help the children that are coming in, whose purpose is to continue on this work of bringing that peace, love and light to the new Earth that we are creating. She is there to support them in being connected to who they are, so that they don’t completely forget and then have to remember it all, like we have. These children are coming in at a much higher vibration. We are doing all this healing to create the foundation for the new souls that are coming in so that they don’t have to go through that.

Martius helps us with completely opening up our healing abilities, our gifts, our psychic abilities to really be connected to the information, the flow of energy and everything that we’re meant to bring forth. He also brings forth that divine truth within you, and he helps you live in that energy, to really embody that energy and to really allow it to come forth in everything that you do.

Stay tuned for more information as I learn more from the Herschiel Angels!

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