I am so excited because today I have something super exciting that I am sharing with you!

I shared this on my Facebook page a while ago and as you can see by the title of this post, I am writing today to introduce you to a new angelic realm that has stepped forward and that I’ve starting working with recently.

Introducing… The Herschiel Angels!!!!

Today I want to share my experience on how this all unfolded. It all started on June 21st, 2018 when I met the first Herschiel Angel, Alexandra.

I’ve shared before my story about how Angel Celeste first stepped forward for me (if you haven’t read that post you can click here to learn more about her!) and as soon as I introduced her and shared about her, so many people formed a special connection to her. That was so amazing and so exciting, which is why I’m so excited to introduce this new realm of angels to you!

Let me start by sharing how this all happened and then I’m going to give all of the details about who they are and how they’re here to work with you.

Anytime a new energy steps forward or new powerful information comes through, it always seems to happen first thing in the morning when I sit down to channel before I start my day. I sit down with my journal every single morning and invite in the angels to bring me guidance and messages for both myself and the collective.

So I sat down to channel on this beautiful morning, I felt this immense energy stepping forward. I knew right away it wasn’t an Archangel. I knew it wasn’t Angel Celeste. But I KNEW that it was an angelic being. I had just never met her before.

Now, I’m not sure yet if the date of this encounter has any significance. I feel like it does because June 21st is the Summer/Winter Solstice (depending on where you live in the world), and that has a pretty special and significant energy around it. I haven’t been told yet if there’s a specific reason why these angels stepped forward on this date back in 2018, or if it was just the energy of that time frame that allowed for this new higher vibrational group of angels to step forward.

So once I realized this was a new angel stepping forward, I asked who it was.

The first thing I noticed about her was that she was a feminine energy and came in this super bright white energy. The other thing I noticed was that she had an upside down triangle symbol in her energy. This triangle doesn’t have an exact color, because it has many different colors within it, but the thing that is distinct about them is that they have more of a “pastel” tone to them than a “regular” color tone.

So as I started asking for information, she told me that she is an angel from a new angelic realm, called the Herschiel Angel Realm, that has stepped forward to bring sacred knowledge and information. She shared about her role with me specifically and how I am here to share this information and connection to her. At the end she told me her name, which is Alexandra.

Alexandra has been like the master teacher to me. I see her almost like the “Master Guide”, if you will, of the Herschiel Angel Realm. There are other Herschiel Angels as well that she has introduced me to, but she is always the one who’s there and standing alongside the others that come forward to speak with me.

For quite some time before this happened, I had known that I would be connecting with new angelic beings and realms as part of my work here on Earth. What I didn’t realize though, is just how soon it would happen!!!

So after all of this happened, Herschiel Angel Alexandra told me that I would be channelling with these angels everyday and giving me new information so that I could learn more about them. Over the next few days after this first encounter, Alexandra came forward with two other Herschiel Angels, to whom I was introduced. After that, I was introduced to two more.

So far I’ve met 5 of the 7 main Herschiel Angels that I was told would be stepping forward at this time.

Why are the Herschiel Angels stepping forward?

The big question that I’m sure you’re wondering right now is, “Why are the Herschiel Angels stepping forward right now? What’s so special about them?”

Trust me, I asked those questions too!!

The most important thing to know and understand about the Herschiel Angels is that they’re stepping forward at this time because of where we are in terms of our collective evolution in our consciousness and spiritual awareness.

There is a HUGE wave of awakening that is happening right now in the spiritual community. Many people are waking up to their truth, their purpose, and their connection to the angels and other spiritual beings.

And as more and more people step onto this conscious journey, our collective consciousness is rising. Our vibrational energy is rising. And our connection to spirit is getting deeper and more profound.

As the Herschiel Angels explained to me, we have reached a certain point in terms of our evolution where now the time has come for this new realm of angels to step forward and continue to support us in our development.

The Herschiel Angels are here to bring us sacred knowledge and healing to continue our spiritual evolution and growth.

They have an amazing and POWERFUL healing energy. And they are stepping forward to support us in creating a new world.

We are now stepping into a New Earth, where we are letting go of the “3D” way of being and stepping into 5D. The Herschiel Angels are supporting this evolutionary process.

And because they have stepped forward now, it means that we are ready for them!!!! We are ready for the deeper information, knowledge and healing that they are bringing to us!

So another question that I had for them was about the Archangels and where this all fits into the role that they are playing in supporting us right now.

What the Herschiel angels said was that the Archangels have been here the entire time in terms of our evolution. They’ve been here supporting us, helping us through everything that we’ve been going through as a collective through all of the millenia of our existence.

The Archangels play a huge role and will continue to play a huge role so this isn’t to say that their time is done. Not at all. This is about a new energy stepping forward to support the continued evolution. The Archangels are very well known. Anyone who is in the spiritual world who explores this kind of stuff has heard of the Archangels.

The Archangels bring us to a certain point in terms of our growth and healing, and now the Herschiel Angels are here to take us even further.

The Herschiel Angels do work together with the Archangels, and some of them even have similarities in their roles. The Herschiel Angels bring this new wave of energy that we need to be able to reach the next level. The Archangels vibrate at a certain level and the Herschiel Angels vibrate at a much higher level.

But the Archangels aren’t going anywhere so don’t worry about that! The Herschiel Angels are coming in to work with the next step of evolution which is amazing and so exciting!

This is the first time the Herschiel Angels have stepped forward to connect with us in the Earthly realm.

Yup, that’s right!!! The Herschiel Angels have not stepped forward to connect with the Earthly plane before which is why you won’t find any information on the Herschiel Angels online. Nobody has connected with them before. Of course, eventually the information will be more well known. But at this time, as far as I know and what they have shown me, I am the only one connecting with their energy and teaching my clients (who are ready for this) on how to call on them and work with them as well.

This is all SUPER exciting so I’m looking forward to sharing more information with you as it comes through!!!

Stay tuned because lots more will be shared on this website about the Herschiel Angels. 🙂

If you want to learn more about each of the individual Herschiel Angels and connect to their energy, then click here to follow this Herschiel Angel playlist on my YouTube channel as it gets updated with more information!


I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on this new angelic realm. If you have any questions, just post them below!!!


Cristina, The Archangel Channel