Are you ready to increase your financial flow and receive abundantly for your soul’s work?

Many people believe that money is “bad” or “evil”.

Many think that it isn’t “spiritual” to charge money for their work.

Many people get stuck in the fear and continuous cycle of feast and famine, struggle and worry when it comes to money.

But the truth is that money is an ENERGY that is here to support us on our journey and spiritual path.

It is an energy that we can harness to do good in the world.

It is an energy and a resource that never ends. The Universe is a never-ending flow of abundance and wealth.

Money is an energy that you get to receive in exchange for all of the energy and gifts that you are meant to share with the world.

You get to do and experience amazing things, be of service AND receive massive compensation in return.

The key is learning to tap into that energy and receiving that flow into your life.

How do we do that?

By digging in and letting go of the energetic blocks that are stopping the flow of money from coming in.

By releasing the energy of scarcity and lack from past lifetimes that are still affecting you today.

By recognizing the Divine power that you hold.

By knowing your worth and true potential.

By shifting your energy to receive the abundance that you truly deserve in your life.



A POWERFUL online course with Cristina Aroche!!!

This is a 6-module course where you will dive deep with the guidance of the angels to support you in:

  • Healing and letting go of what is holding you back from true financial freedom.
  • Shifting your energy in how you view and perceive money.
  • Applying the energy work and practical tools that are necessary to increase your financial flow.
  • Learning the most effective way in paying down debt.
  • Increasing your awareness and confidence around receiving money for your soul’s work.

  • Always being in the energy of overflow!

And so much more!!!

This course includes powerful healings with the angels, channelled guidance and messages every step of the way.

If you are ready to feel freedom around money and raise your potential in the financial flow in your life, then this program is for YOU!

Cristina Aroche is a catalyst for breakthrough and I’m thankful that she has allowed herself to be a vessel….the money magic course is effective and offers lifelong value….but be warned she has a very powerful smile…grounding breaks are highly recommended

Malvo Coolin

It has been wonderful learning experience with energy of money and overflow. I would highly recommend this course everyone, who is in fear lack of money. Cristina walks you through each process with healing meditation, along with thought provoking lessons which places you in mindset of deserving money and overflown energy while learning to love, having respect and graditude. Thank you for taking the stress out of manifesting money!!!!!!🥰

Debbie Strickler

As always Cristina did an amazing job with this Money Magic lesson. Its amazing when she does the Healings so much comes up that you never would’ve thought mattered surrounding money. If the word manifestation scares you and you think its impossible to do, then this course is what you need because I’ve manifested something amazing a few days ago.. thank you so much Cristina for all that you do. If your looking for a teacher/channel/mentor. Cristina Aroche is it..I’m so grateful for her.🙏🙏.

Monica Boyd

If you want to truly discover what has been holding you back, I highly recommend this course. The breakthroughs that you will experience will not only apply to your finances but to every area. This is a wonderful jump start into experiencing the life you desire.

Courtney Bates

If you are ready to open up your potential and connection with money, then join this course for just $371!!!

You are so worthy and deserving of making 2020 the year that you breakthrough into the financial flow and freedom that you desire!

Join Money Magic now to experience the incredible transformation that healing and working with the angels has to offer.

You will have lifetime access to the online course platform and any future additions associated with this program.

Lessons are released on a weekly basis and can be listened to at any time at your convenience.

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