A message from Archangel Uriel:

Dearest Divine Soul,

You are pure, Divine light. You shine so brightly. We, the Archangels, see it here from where we are, and we ask that you look within to recognize this truth as well.

Your pure energy is what moves the world. You were created for the expansion of the Universe. Your experiences were all meant for you. For your growth, for your learning, for your understanding.

Take each lesson with gratitude and love. Bring a deeper understanding to these life lessons. Recognize how strong you are now.

Remember your inner wisdom. Call on me to help you remember, and to help you connect to the Universal energy that is for you.

Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. This is what you have come here to do. Call on me to help you remember.

You are beautiful and so very loved.

Cristina, The Angelic Healer