Do you feel called to rise up into your true purpose and greatest potential…

But are feeling stuck, lost and uncertain of yourself?

Do you struggle with self-doubt, lack of confidence, feeling unworthy and fears?

Are you tired of these holding you back?

Are you ready to rise up into your potential???

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then keep reading!!!



A brand new workshop intensive with Cristina Aroche!!!

This is an online workshop from April 11th to 20th, where you are going to:

  • Heal and release the energetic wounds and blocks that are holding you back from stepping into your purpose.
  • Let go of the energy from the past and past lives that is still affecting you today.
  • Connect to your purpose and Divine potential by discovering who you truly are.
  • Gain confidence in yourself, connect to your self-worth and learn how to finally TRUST and BELIEVE in yourself.

  • Activate your gifts and abilities so that you can step into the potential that is waiting for you!!!


  • Experience a Full Moon healing with the Archangels and Herschiel Angels.
  • Learn which Archangels you need to specifically work with to support you in your purpose.
  • And of course, deepen your connection to the angelic realms and experience a deep level of healing as they support you through this process.

This workshop will be held inside a private FB group and all video replays will be available for LIFETIME ACCESS.

Join now for only $111!!!

Workshop begins April 11th!