Are you ready to step into the truth of who you are and experience a profound weekend of healing, growth, connection and expansion?
INTRODUCING…. Sacred Soul Connections
A 3-Day Spiritual Retreat in Palm Beach, Florida with Carrie Cardozo and Cristina Aroche!
SEPTEMBER 28th-30th
Carrie and Cristina are coming together once again to bring you an amazing and profound experience that will help you connect to your soul and truth of who you are by:
  • Releasing and shedding the old you.
  • Connecting to your true identity and Sacred Divine Being.
  • Opening up your psychic healing abilities.
  • Understanding and connecting to your greater purpose.
  • Tapping into your calling and embracing the impact you are here to create.
If you’re READY to step into your purpose as a Psychic, Healer and Lightworker and if you are ready to make the IMPACT you know you were meant to create, then Sacred Soul Connections is for you!!!!
This is going to be a POWERFUL weekend, filled with deep soul-level healing, connection and integration of your truth and who you are.
Retreat Schedule:

September 28th


  • Sisterhood Bonding Ritual
  • Releasing, healing and shedding the old self
  • Meeting the Spirit Guides and Angels that are here to personally support you on your journey

September 29th


  • Understanding your origin, identity and past
  • Connecting to your Sacred Divine Being
  • Tapping into your personal power
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Opening up your psychic abilities

PLUS – an evening ritual and healing from 8-9pm


September 30th


  • Accepting your Divine calling
  • Recognizing and embracing the impact you are here to create
  • Removing fears and limiting beliefs
  • Setting intentions and how to move forward into your purpose
What’s included:
  • 3-night stay in a BEAUTIFUL home in Palm Beach, FL (check out at 10am Oct 1)
  • All meals during your stay
  • Workbook
  • Goodie bag
*** ONLY 10 SPOTS OPEN ***

All for ONLY $2600!!

I had the absolute pleasure and honor to attend Carrie Cardozo and Cristina Aroche’s NYC workshop two weeks ago and all I have to say is, WOW. Not wow…. BUT… WOWWW! Carrie and Cristina were literally a match made in Heaven they flowed so easily and effortlessly.

We laughed, we cried, we loved, we healed, we supported and encouraged one another, and we created amazing memories and soul aligned connections. Carrie and Cristina both were powerhouses within themselves and really delivered! They actually over delivered! The workshop was suppose to end at 9pm yet in true Carrie and Cristina fashion we didn’t leave until 10:30pm. I kept telling them that the workshop was a tease and I wanted more which is why I am negative surprised that they are hosting a retreat in Paris! It’s going to be amazing for sure!! Hands down!!

My biggest regret from the workshop is that I didn’t record Cristina’s opening meditation/healing (fail). Overall, what you see with Carrie and Cristina is what you get!! They are such incredible healers and teachers and have the purest of intentions! If you are feeling called to join their retreat in Paris I say use my testimonial as your sign because as someone who has gone to all of Carrie’s events and retreats I know firsthand that you will NOT regret it!

Kelly Espino

But wait… There’s more.

As a BONUS, you will also get LIFETIME access to a private FB group filled with teachings and support!!!

In this exclusive group, Carrie and Cristina will be sharing teachings, messages and healings that will get you ready for the transformation you will experience at the Weekend Retreat.

Then, for ONE MONTH AFTER the retreat, you will have access to Carrie and Cristina via the FB group for support, teachings, healings and guidance to help you with the integration, shifts and changes after the event!

That’s in addition to lifetime access to the community for support as you go forward.

PLUS you get access to all FUTURE teachings that will be happening inside this growing group of women who experience the Sacred Soul Connections weekend!!

That’s LIFETIME ACCESS to teachings and support, PLUS the retreat itself, for only $2600!!!
Paid in full
This payment is due upon signing up and will be paid in FULL.
Best value $2600
Two payments
A payment of $1310 is due upon signing up and the second $1310 is due 3 weeks later.
Total investment $2620
Extended payments*
A payment of $660 is due upon signing up, followed by 3 weekly payments of $660.
Total investment $2640

*Only available until September 7th

The Paris retreat that I attended in the beginning of this month, with the SPIRITUALLY GIFTED Cristina Aroche and Carrie S. Cardozo was, without a doubt, a FOREVER life changing experience!

It took me a bit to write this, because for one, I had to process the information I received and in addition, I wasn’t sure that words could express the magnitude of what I discovered about myself, via the conduits (Carrie and Cristina) who channeled the information from Guides, Archangels, Hershiel Angels, Mother Mary, Mother Theresa and SOURCE/GOD.

These messages all came for my highest and greatest good so that I could integrate with my higher self as well as experience a soul integration from another life time. I went on a few journeys during this retreat, where I learned about a few of my past lifetimes in order to heal the past and the then present “vow” of silence that I was karmically repeating through many lifetimes.

I now know my Divine True Soul Purpose, which was discovered on this retreat. With the support of the Angelic Realm and Source, I am to Empower other Women using the many shifts I have made in this lifetime to awaken and guide them to their Divine Feminine Empowerment, in order to balance the already Divine Empowered Masculine.

I know that we are so truly adored and loved by awesome beings in the spiritual realm, ALWAYS!

I am so proud of myself that I took this leap of faith when my heart told me to. Although I knew I belonged in Paris, my bank account said otherwise. I never before traveled alone to a foreign country not knowing the language. My only regret is that I didn’t stay on my own longer to see more sites.

I am blessed to have worked so very closely and intensely with the Spiritually Gifted Dynamic Duo: Cristina Aroche & Carrie S. Cardozo. I love both of these angels and I know that I have been blessed in this lifetime for taking this leap- as well as the many shifts I have taken prior to this retreat that landed me there.


Joan Tomlin

If you are ready to…
  • Truly embrace who you are as a healer, psychic and lightworker…
  • Get clear on your Divine purpose and direction forward…
  • Open up your psychic healing abilities and embody your Higher Self…
Then join us for Sacred Soul Connections in Palm Beach, Florida!!!

September 28th-30th