Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery and understanding who you are and what you’re meant to do?

Have you been soul searching and trying to understand your true self?

Are you feeling confused on your purpose and what you’re meant to be doing?

Have you felt like there’s something missing in your life but you’re not quite sure what that even is?

Do you want to deepen your connection to your spirituality and the Universe?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then it’s time for you to focus on discovering who you truly are so you can live a life of purpose, joy, love and spiritual connection.

Self-Discovery is a journey to help you understand who you are on a soul level, what your purpose is and how to bring your dreams into reality.

  • You’ll get clarity on what your purpose is.
  • You’ll understand who you are on a soul level.
  • You’ll be confident in yourself in creating the life of your dreams.
  • You’ll start taking action towards your dreams with newfound clarity.
  • You’ll deepen your connection with the Archangels and the Universe.

If you KNOW that there is so much more to learn about yourself and who you are but have no clue how to get there, then Self-Discovery is the perfect journey for you.

You are going to discover your true self, have clarity on your purpose and know exactly how the Archangels are here to support you in creating and living your dreams.

This journey of self-discovery is only $167 $49.97

If you’re thinking about working with Cristina or taking one of her courses but you’re not sure, then you should know that after doing her Self Discovery course I found, interviewed and accepted a new job within 2 weeks! This was after 9 months of having such bad self esteem that I was too scared to even look for work.

Results can happen that quick! It’s amazing value for excellent content and the meditations massively help with things like stress, anxiety and insomnia in my experience. Now that I’ve got my confidence back up with part time work, I’m ecstatic for the next step which is to find/create my dream job/biz/income!!!

Emma King

You are so loved and supported by the Archangels and this journey is going to show you exactly how to deepen that spiritual connection so you can live the life of your dreams that your soul has come here to experience.

  • This journey is hosted inside its own course platform.
  • There are 5 video lessons, 3 channelled meditations and PDFs to support your journey of self-discovery.
  • You’ll receive angelic healing, guidance and insights from the Archangels through the meditations.

You will walk away as a different person than when you started.

This journey is going to help you transform your life and step out into the world as your true self. Join us now and experience this transformation for only $167 $49.97.

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