Are you ready to have a clear path and direction to living your soul’s purpose and creating a life of your dreams?

Do you feel unfulfilled and like you were meant for something MORE?

Are you feeling lost in trying to understand what your soul’s purpose is and how to make a living out of it?

Do you want to heal and rediscover who you are on a soul level?

Are you ready to discover your gifts, shine your light, and live a life full of joy, love and deep spiritual connection?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then it’s time for you to focus on discovering who you are on a soul level so you can shine your light into the world and live a life filled with joy, love and fulfilment.
Shine Your Light is a 12-week 1-to-1 program that was channelled from the Archangels to give you a clear path to discovering your purpose, your soul gifts, and to live a magnificent life.
You will heal from old wounds, create a deep spiritual connection with yourself and the Universe, and discover your true calling in this life.

Through this program, the Archangels are here to guide you EVERY step of the way to make that calling your reality; so you can be filled with joy, love and peace by doing the work that TOTALLY lights you up from the inside.

Introductory Deep Dive

Our first session together will introduce you to the program. You’ll share about your journey and the challenges you’re facing, and the Archangels will bring forth guidance on your next steps to uncover your purpose, as well as what needs to be healed and shifted within you to allow you to move forward and living your purpose.

We will do an energy healing with the Archangels to elevate your vibration and get you initiated into the program, to lay the foundation for your expansion and growth.

What we’ll be covering in the program…

Healing past emotional wounds

We will work with the Archangels to release and heal the old emotional wounds that are keeping you stuck where you are right now. We are going to work with your heart chakra and any other chakras that need to be balanced.

You will focus on self-love and recognizing how amazing and worthy you are of the life you desire. You’ll be reconnected with deep inner love and peace, and feel completely supported and be able to move forward in your life.

Uncovering and removing blocks

We are going to work with the Archangels that step forward for you to release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you small.

We will cut cords and heal past lives so you can step fully into your light and purpose with confidence and power. You are going to receive powerful mindset practices to help you shift your subconscious beliefs and reprogram your mind with thoughts that fully support your growth and expansion.

Discovery of Self

We are going to work with the Archangels to help you rediscover and understand who you are on a soul level.

We will uncover your soul’s purpose and highest potential. You will have an understanding of your soul gifts and the next steps you need to take to step into your purpose. You are going to learn how to grow and expand your gifts and how you’re meant to shine your light into the world!

Integrating with your soul

Working with Archangels Uriel and Razael, you will meet your Higher Self and form a deep bond and connection with her. You are going to gain a deeper understanding of what your soul lessons are in this life and we are going to fully integrate your soul with your physical body.

You are going to learn more about spiritual truths and have a deeper understanding of the Universe and the role you play in it. We will also continue to open up your intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts so you can expand further into what you are meant to share with the world.

Introduction to the Angelic Realms

You are going to open up your connection and channel to the angelic realms. You will learn more about the Archangels and your personal angels. You are going to understand how you are meant to work with the angels and the role they play in your purpose and expansion.

You will create a deeper connection with the Archangels and know how to connect and work with them in your daily life. You’ll learn how to understand their messages and guidance, and anything else that is important for you to learn about working with the angelic realms.

Releasing fears

We will work with Archangel Michael to understand the fears that are holding you back from expanding into your highest potential.

We will clear these fears so that you can grow and expand fully into your gifts and abilities. Fears will no longer be holding you back from going after your dreams and living your purpose!

Moving forward

With the help of the Archangels, you are going to learn all of the best practices and routines that you need to integrate into your life to continue moving forward towards living your purpose.

This includes support to your body, mind and soul through nutrition, mindset practices and meditation, as well as anything else that will support you on your journey. You will receive guidance from the Archangels on your next steps to creating your dream life with all of the new discoveries about yourself.

Mindset, Energy and Manifestation

Archangel Ariel will work with you to help you understand how to work with energy to shape your physical reality and manifest anything that you desire. You are going to learn how to read your own energy and balance it to support you on this journey.

You’ll also learn about vibration and the power of your thoughts and visualization, and how to work with the Archangels for manifestation, so that you can create a magnificent life working your purpose while living your dream lifestyle.

Your connection to the Universe

We will work with the Archangels to show you how to continue to grow your spiritual connection with the Archangels and the Universe.

You’ll receive guidance on the next steps you need to take to be able to move forward and continue on your path of shining your light and living your purpose. You’ll know exactly what the next steps are for you, and how to trust and be fully guided by the Universe on your journey!

This is a truly unique program that is fully guided and supported by the Archangels.

It’s about discovering your unique spiritual gifts and abilities, and having the step-by-step guidance to bring them out into the world so you can shine your light the way you were meant to.

This 12-week 1-to-1 program is completely tailored to you and your unique self!

If you’re ready to step into your purpose, understand who you are on a soul level, and create a life of deep fulfillment, joy, love and spiritual connection, then this program is exactly what you need.

You get:

12 weekly 1-to-1 sessions (60-min each) that are recorded and yours to keep.

Channelled guidance, angelic energy healing and mentoring throughout the 12 weeks in addition to all of the information you are going to learn.

Access to me in between sessions for extra support and guidance.

Homework and exercises that are given to you from the Archangels to help you integrate and apply everything that you’re learning and to guide you on this journey of self-discovery.

All of this at an amazing investment of:
Paid in full
This payment is due upon signing up and will be paid in FULL.
Best value $2670
Two payments
A payment of $1375 is due upon signing up and the second $1375 is due six weeks later.
Total investment $2750
Payment plan
A payment of $925 is due upon signing up, followed by two monthly payments of $925.
Total investment $2775
Extended payments
A payment of $475 is due upon signing up, followed by 5 biweekly payments of $475.
Total investment $2850

I have the amazing life changing opportunity to work with the Lovely, Compassionate, Gifted and Angelic Healer Cristina Aroche! I cannot even express in words the amazingly healing experiences I’ve had with her and continue to have with her!

I have literally grown more working with her in 90 days than I have in the 15 years of trying countless therapeutic techniques, working with countless people which have all helped and served their purpose…but nothing compares to the shift I have experienced physically, emotionally and spiritually while working with her!

I work with Archangels everyday now, thanks to her! Everyday my mind is blown on new things I’ve become awaken to.

Katerina Karpen

But wait… There’s more. Introducing… Angel Celeste.
Image found on Pinterest.
Angel Celeste is a magnificent and powerful angelic being who has stepped forward specifically for this program.

One morning in my meditation, this BEAUTIFUL glowing light blue energy who I’d never met before came to me and introduced herself as Angel Celeste. She told me that she has come to support soul growth and expansion through Shine Your Light.

She is here to help your soul receive and integrate the healing and guidance that the Archangels will bring you. She is here to completely transform your life, to support you as you step into your Divine purpose.

She is going to be working with you, alongside the Archangels, every single session over the 12 weeks of the program.

Here is the channelled message I received from her that morning:

“My Dearest Beloved Cristina, I am so happy to be here and to connect with you today. I have come to support you and your clients in your spiritual growth program Shine Your Light.

I am here to work directly with your clients to help them understand who they are on a soul level and the truth of their soul.

I am here to help them grow and reach the next level of their spiritual evolution. As the soul has come here to grow, I am here to help the soul understand and remember exactly why they came here.

I am here to help them reveal the truth of who they are. I am here to help elevate their vibration in order to carry out their soul’s mission in the way they were meant to.

I will be stepping forward and bringing your clients personalized healing and information that is specific to their soul and what they need to know at this time. I will be present in every session and direct the flow of the energy to serve your clients for their highest good.

I am here to specifically work with you and the souls that come to work with you at this time. I support the energy of this program. I support the soul to grow and understand what it needs to do.

The Archangels will do the powerful healing and energy shifting that they are known for. They are also there to bring direct guidance and support.

I am here to facilitate the learning and understanding of this knowledge. I am directly connecting with the soul to help it understand what it must learn in order to move forward and step into it’s purpose and mission here on Earth.”

If you’re READY to discover who you are on a soul level, heal the past, and step into a life of purpose that completely lights you up and fills you with joy, love and deep spiritual connection… THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!


I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience, and that Cristina is such an amazing, patient mentor and guiding me with love and compassion and helping me to grow in such a big way that I am now able to start fulfilling my real life purpose here on Earth.

~Trudi Van Huyssteen


Overall, it was such an amazing and incredible experience. Cristina was so down to earth, compassionate, nonjudgmental, kind, knowledgeable, intuitive, and special. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would sincerely recommend working with her to anyone. If you resonate with Cristina and are feeling called to work with her my advice to you is to GO FOR IT! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain <3

~Kelly Espino


It would be without a doubt that Cristina and the Archangels work wonders, being guided and supported by Cristina and the angels was a reassuring feeling knowing there would be no judgement on your outcome.

~Yvette Munasinghe


Cristina has helped me gain clarity on how I’m meant to serve others with my spiritual gifts. Through Cristina’s healing meditations with the A Angels and channelled guidance, I have peeled back the layers of my fears and have a clearer vision moving forward.

Cristina brings a beautiful, nurturing energy to all her courses and a healing space for us to grow and connect to our Higher Selves and to live our Souls truth and purpose 

~Brigitte O’Bery

When you sign up for this 12-week 1-to-1 program, you will have CLEAR guidance and direction from the Archangels, Angel Celeste and myself every step of the way to living your purpose. No more guessing what you’re supposed to be doing or feeling lost on your journey.

It’s time to open up to your gifts and light up the path to your own magnificence and shine your light into the world.

All of this at an amazing investment of:
Paid in full
This payment is due upon signing up and will be paid in FULL.
Best value $2670
Two payments
A payment of $1375 is due upon signing up and the second $1375 is due six weeks later.
Total investment $2750
Payment plan
A payment of $925 is due upon signing up, followed by two monthly payments of $925.
Total investment $2775
Extended payments
A payment of $475 is due upon signing up, followed by 5 biweekly payments of $475.
Total investment $2850
If you’re unsure if this program is the right fit, or have any questions at all, CLICK HERE TO REACH OUT to me so we can work out if this is the best program for you!