Everybody has a powerful truth they are meant to share and express.

This is the calling of your soul and who you truly are.

Your truth is your power. Your truth is the divine energy of your potential.

Everything you are meant to bring into the world is connected to this truth.

And you bringing this truth and sharing it with the world is part of your soul’s divine purpose and potential.

When you share your truth with clarity and confidence, the light that you shine is immense and far-reaching. You can create huge changes in your life and in the world, simply by being connected, aware and expressive in the truth that your soul is here to bring.

Sharing your truth can mean many things:

  • Speaking from your heart.
  • Writing meaningful words.
  • Creating artwork or music.
  • Expression through dance or other forms of creativity.
  • And so much more!


The creative expression of your soul, in whatever way it means to you, is you living in your soul’s truth and divine potential.

What often happens is that people feel held back by fears and uncertainties around their truth:

“Who am I to be sharing about this?”

“Who would want to hear or see this anyways?”

“What will people think or say?”

“This is silly and stupid, why bother?”

But the reality is that the truth you feel called to share within your heart is there for a reason.

That reason is that it is the core and essence of your soul’s potential and who you’re here to be. So by speaking and sharing your truth, you are embodying your divine potential. You are BEing the spiritual essence and energy of your soul.

By sharing your truth and shining in that light, you are making progress in the expansion of your own journey, as well as helping others to move forward in theirs.

By shining in your divine truth, you are being the light and love, and creating the IMPACT, that this world needs, and that you were always meant to give.

Do not underestimate the importance and power of your truth. It is so much more than you can imagine!!

This is where Shine Your Truth comes in.



A 4-week online immersive course to help you shine in your divine truth and be the impactful creator that you were always meant to be.

This course was guided and created by the angels to support you in:

  • Releasing fears and doubts that have been holding you back from truly owning who you are and your divine potential.
  • Speaking and expressing your truth with confidence and certainty.
  • Feeling more connected to yourself and who you are.
  • Recognizing how you are meant to share your truth with the world.
  • Receiving support and guidance from the angelic realms on how to speak your truth and shine your divine light and potential.


If you’ve been feeling:

— Uncertain in yourself and lacking confidence in the truth you are meant to share…

— A call or pull to create and express yourself in a bigger way, but you don’t know how or where to start…

— Afraid of being “seen”, but you know this is the only way forward…

— Ready to break free from the limitations and be supported by the divine to be guided on the path of your truth and divine potential…

Then this course is for you!!!

What we’re going to cover:

Lesson 1

Feeling confident in yourself and who you are

Understanding what your truth is. Aligning and strengthening the feeling of support and confidence in yourself and who you are. Releasing fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Lesson 2

Creating and embodying your vision

Lifting up into your potential by seeing yourself in your truth and truly owning your divine light that you are meant to shine. Creating and truly embodying your vision. Getting ready to share it with the world!

Lesson 3

Being seen for who you truly are

Placing yourself out there and being seen for who you truly are. The stages of connection with others and calling in your soul aligned audience/people.

Lesson 4

Alignment with your truth and moving forward

Bringing everything together into a clear direction and knowing your next steps ahead. True alignment within your thoughts, your truth and your heart to move forward and manifest your soul’s desires.


4 lessons accessible via a course platform – lessons include a teaching, energy healing/journey with the angels + PDF exercises

Lifetime access to all course material and recordings

BONUS: A private FB group community for support and receiving channelled guidance from the angels as you go through the course

When you sign up for Shine Your Truth, you will be stepping into a container of massive transformation, elevation and connection to your true divine self and potential.

If you’ve been feeling the nudge to step out into your calling, know that sharing and shining in your truth is the natural path to living with purpose, empowerment and in your true potential.

It is time for you to be FREE in who you truly are and to let that light shine!!

Unless you have done one of Cristina’s courses, you cannot know just how powerful her work is. If you have done one of her meditations you will have an idea, but to experience the real energy and power of the work, it needs to be experienced in a structured program.

Her work is unique, honest, professional. She gives so much of herself. High vibrational beings are her guides. Everything she teaches and shares comes from a high vibration frequency.

Anyone who is serious about what they are sending out into the world, who wants to help by sending out light and love, who wants to fulfill their Soul’s purpose in this life, needs to do one of Cristina’s courses.

Cristel Philp

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Doors close July 14th, 2021

Paid in full

One payment of $555.

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Total investment $555 $444

Weekly payments

4 weekly payments of $149.

SPECIAL PRICE – $122/week for 4 weeks

Total investment $596 $488

This was so much more that I could have expected, the lessons are thought provoking and expertly laid out, the guided journeys are very powerful, the support provided during and after these sessions is really kind and insightful.

I have had an incredibly positive experience that will be with me for the rest of my life, and yes I made connections with the Angels, I can’t recommend this enough!

Robert Storey

This course was an investment I made in myself and everything I’ve learned and experienced in this course continues to fill me up each day.

I’ve become so grounded in my truth and purpose, and my connection to my higher self and my guides. Cristina holds a safe, lovely and powerful space as you dive deep into yourself.

Each spiritual journey radically changed me for my highest good. Whenever I feel doubt, I start thinking back to what I learned doing those journeys and I am filled with so much light that the doubt dissolves. Taking the Shine Your Truth course has completely shifted my perspective on my life.

Aminah Daniels

“Believe and trust in who you are, for your truth and path is needed in this world.”

– Angel Celeste

Doors close July 14th, 2021

Click below to sign up now!

Paid in full

One payment of $555.

SPECIAL PRICE – now just $444!

Total investment $555 $444

Weekly payments

4 weekly payments of $149.

SPECIAL PRICE – $122/week for 4 weeks

Total investment $596 $488


Cristina’s spiritual gifts are phenomenal! However, many people have spiritual gifts. What sets Cristina apart, in my opinion, is that she is the most humble, kind, and truly loving, person I have ever worked with.

I felt safe releasing my truths to her- good and bad. She has taught me things about the Divine Essence of myself and all others, that were beyond my wildest dreams.

~Joan Tomlin


I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience, and that Cristina is such an amazing, patient mentor and guiding me with love and compassion and helping me to grow in such a big way that I am now able to start fulfilling my real life purpose here on Earth.

~Trudi Van Huyssteen


Overall, it was such an amazing and incredible experience. Cristina was so down to earth, compassionate, nonjudgmental, kind, knowledgeable, intuitive, and special. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would sincerely recommend working with her to anyone.

If you resonate with Cristina and are feeling called to work with her my advice to you is to GO FOR IT! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain <3

~Kelly Espino


It would be without a doubt that Cristina and the Archangels work wonders, being guided and supported by Cristina and the angels was a reassuring feeling knowing there would be no judgement on your outcome.

~Yvette Munasinghe


Cristina has helped me gain clarity on how I’m meant to serve others with my spiritual gifts. Through Cristina’s healing meditations with the A Angels and channelled guidance, I have peeled back the layers of my fears and have a clearer vision moving forward.

Cristina brings a beautiful, nurturing energy to all her courses and a healing space for us to grow and connect to our Higher Selves and to live our Souls truth and purpose 

~Brigitte O’Bery