We are about to step into an era of incredible spiritual healing, connection and growth.

Every year, twice a year, we get to experience the powerful Solstice energy and the light that it brings.

However the Solstice of December 2020 holds an incredibly powerful energy that is unprecedented and has not been experienced before.

It marks the beginning of a new era.

A new energy on Earth that is filled with creation, positivity and light. It is an experience of love and divine connection, as we move into our purpose and divine spiritual power.

The Solstice of December 2020 is one in which we are meant to bring out and shine our divine light and love.

We are here to experience the true light of who we are, and as we shine forth in this potential, we are being elevated in creating the New Earth that we desire.

As we step into this truth, we are being aligned and connected with greater divine spiritual powers and connection. This is marked by the incredible influx of energy and activation that is coming with the December 2020 Solstice.

Join Cristina Aroche and the Archangels for a powerful workshop to support you in the healing, transformation and growth that awaits!!

In this workshop on December 21st, you are going to:

— Receive a powerful healing and activation from the angels

— Understand your next steps in the transformation that awaits you

— Feel a deeper sense of clarity and awareness of who you are and the divine power you hold

— Be connected to the joy and love from the Divine as you move forward on your journey

**Included is a PDF to support you in the integration of the energy that you will receive.


Join Cristina for a live Q+A on December 23rd to receive channelled guidance from the angels and get your questions answered!

All of this is available to you for just $29!!!

Workshop will be held within a private FB group.

Both sessions on 12/21 and 12/23 will start at 1pm PST. If you are unable to join live, you will be able to watch the replay at any time, where the energy and healing will be just as powerful!

Click the link below to join in on this powerful healing and transformation now for just $29!