Soul-Fulfilling Love

We were meant to experience true profound love in this life.

Soul-Fulfilling Love

One of our core soul journeys is to connect with and experience a soul-fulfilling love…

…Both within ourselves and with others.

The love that we desire and crave within our hearts is true and it is there for a reason.

Because you were meant to experience this love.

The problem is that we can get stuck in a narrative of what’s possible for us when it comes to love…

  • What we are capable of attracting (what we are worthy of)
  • The kind of person that exists “out there” (trust and faith)
  • Our capability to receive this kind of love (feeling broken and fearful)
  • Or what is possible to create and experience in our current relationships

If you are ready to experience profound connection and love in this lifetime…

If you are ready to open up to love overflowing in your heart…

If you are ready to feel the fulfillment of this divine alignment of love on your journey…

Join me in…

This is about the kind of relationship we create within ourselves to be able to experience this type of relationship with others.

It’s about the type of love we are able to hold within ourselves that then gets reflected in our connection to others and WHO we magnetize into our lives.

If you KNOW that there is a deeper love that you desire and were meant to experience…

Then this is the workshop for you!

What we’re going to cover:

Holding Back

— The things that are holding you back from experiencing true divine love and how to release those blocks

Energetic Alignment

— Energetic alignment to soul-fulfilling love and how to open up to receiving divine love

Manifestation Practices

— Manifestation practices that are specific to calling in the love that you desire into your life

You will walk away from this workshop with the clarity, healing and vibrational shift to true alignment to soul-fulfilling love and connection.

You are worthy of this. You were meant for this. If you are ready, come join me for this powerful workshop!

February 14th at 2pm PST / 5pm EST via Zoom

~2 hours long with Q+A at the end

Recording will be available if you cannot attend live

Only $44 To Sign Up!

This is a 2 hour long workshop held on Monday, February 14th at 2pm PST / 5pm EST. A special Q&A will be held at the end!
Recording will be available if you cannot attend live.