Today, I want to talk about the three keys to being a successful healer. The term healer here means anything that is related to supporting people in transforming their lives or their energy, helping people to shift or to really step into whatever kind of journey you are specifically guiding them with. It also means to bring the expression of your truth into the world, because whatever it is that you are expressing from your heart, from your soul’s truth, it is healing for the world. 

And when I say success, it is related to being able to live in the potential of who you are as a healer, meaning that you are reaching the people that you’re meant to reach, you’re creating the impact that you’re meant to create. You are being fully supported on your path and in your journey to be able to show up in the way that you desire. Success is when you’re able to just be your true self and make that impact and show up in that most beautiful, highest potential type of way.

The first key to success as a healer

…is all about releasing the fear of judgment and what other people are going to think, say, or how they’re going to perceive you. 

This is a huge one, especially if you’re stepping out into the world in terms of your gifts or your abilities in your own way, desiring to create your own business. I have found that, especially when it comes to energy healing or channeling or any kind of spiritual work, that can often be a huge factor of resistance for people.

So the thing here to understand when it comes to releasing this fear of judgment is that you have to trust in yourself and trust in what you’re being called to do. If you have this calling within your heart to do art, to make music, to be a healer, to do energy work, to be a coach… whatever it is for you – you have to trust that it is there for a reason. It is your soul guiding you and showing you what you have come here to do. It is showing you what your purpose is and the impact that you are capable of creating. 

The way that we move through that isn’t necessarily in the sense of never feeling that fear again, because that fear of judgment from other people will pop up every once in a while along your journey, especially as you’re stepping into something big. 

The key here is that you are releasing the hold that the fear has on you. You’re not making decisions based on that fear. You can see the fear, recognize it, and think: “Oh yeah, I am afraid that people are going to judge me. But at the end of the day, I still feel this call. I still know that this is what I’m here to do and I know in my heart that this is what I desire.” Knowing that when you trust in yourself and you follow your calling, everything always works out.

When you focus on trusting in yourself, in what you feel, and in that calling, THIS is what creates the energy and the vision that is much greater than what the fear is. When you feel the fear coming up, you want to create an energy that’s even bigger than the fear.  That calling is even bigger than the fear, that desire is even bigger than the fear, that knowing and trust in yourself is bigger than the fear. So then you can still feel and experience the fear, but it’s not holding you back.

The second key to success as a healer

To follow the desires of your heart. When it comes to creating your services, your offers, your products, your creative expressions, follow what you feel really called to do. That is going to be such a key energy to be in, in order to create that successful impact and to call in and magnetize the people who are meant to receive your offers.

So if you’re doing something only because someone told you to do it, or because you think you should be doing it because that’s what everyone else is doing, but you’re not actually excited about it, the energy is going to feel flat. 

When the energy feels flat around those types of offers, people are not going to be drawn to it. Whereas if you approach the offers that you create from a space of:

“What do I feel really excited about right now? What do I really want to share? What do I want to create? What do I want to teach? What do I want to do?”

And“That feels awesome. That feels exciting. Oh, this is inspiring to me. And I get this buzzing feeling. I want to do this.” 

Then the energy that you put out there with regards to that offer is going to be so different, so potent, so magical, so powerful – and people are going to feel that.

That is what magnetizes people to your offers and the work that you put out there. They just feel drawn to the energy. That is a key with regards to following your journey in terms of your healing work, your business, and your creative expressions. As you’re following what feels the most exciting, everything falls into place.

I’ve done this so many times in the past until I learned to trust myself and to follow the desires of my heart, to just go for it. It’s also this knowing that whatever you feel excited to create and put out there, it’s because there’s people who are ready to receive it. There’s a reason why it’s in your heart and why it feels exciting: this is the way that the universe guides you. It guides you into creating certain things because it knows that there’s people on the other side who are waiting for it. You might not know that until you actually do it and you’re in the process of it.

The third key to success as a healer

To know that your healing gifts are art! 

 an What I mean is that this is a process that is unique to you. No one else in this entire world heals the way that you do. So even if we’re talking about two energy healers side by side, the way that they do it is going to be different. It’s not going to be exactly the same. And if it is exactly the same, then you’re not maximizing your gifts, or your potential, or what you’re capable of bringing to other people. It’s not about replicating how someone else is doing it, it’s about using that as a guide, a framework, a way to see the general structure, but then taking it and making it your own.

A great example of this is if we think about painting. There’s different techniques and tools: brushes and brush strokes, paints, elements that you can use when it comes to creating a painting. And yet, however many amazing artists and painters there are all around the world, if you give them the same kind of image to recreate, every single person’s going to have a different outcome or a different painting. The reason is because they have their own unique tone to it, their own unique flavor that they add their own unique perspective, their own unique mixing of the colors.

So if you think of it in that sense, it’s very similar to when it comes to healing, working with energy, or anything that you do with regards to your healing gifts – it’s going to be very unique to you. When you embrace the fact that your healing gifts are an art that you get to master, and trust in yourself that you are going to find your unique way, that is what then creates this magic, potent energy. That is also what draws people to you because you are living in the authentic expression of who you are, of your gifts, of your abilities, of the magic that you share.

You’re no longer toning it down or trying to fit into a certain box. You are free. You’re being your true self. You’re allowing that beautiful, magical energy to come forward in whatever way it’s meant to. When we try to put ourselves into a box, we water down what is possible for us.