Through my journey of self-healing, I realized that being healthy and vibrant was more than just eating natural, whole foods to nourish the body. As a nutritionist, I knew what foods to avoid, and what foods and nutrients my body needed in order to heal from eczema. Yet despite following a healthy diet, I still had a small patch of eczema on my neck that would not go away! Following an elimination diet in order to pinpoint any food sensitivities failed to bring me any answers, and left me feeling very confused.

It was at this point that a light bulb in my head finally clicked – I was really stressed and had a lot going on in my mind, which I realized was affecting me on a physical level in the form of eczema. I realized that well-being was more than just having a healthy diet – it was also about positive thinking and positive interactions with others, as well as experiencing overall gratification and joy in life. I realized that there are three fundamental aspects of our beings that work together in harmony in order to create a state of radiant health.

These three components of our beings are the body, mind, and soul. Each one is different from the others, yet they are all inseparably linked together. It is the integration of the body, mind, and soul that is the key to our wellness.

So today I want to talk about what each of these systems is, and how they work in harmony to create health. The balance of the body, mind, and soul is what I call the holistic lifestyle.

The Body

The body is our physical, organic being. The body is our “vehicle” in the physical world, and it is the channel through which we perceive and interact with other people and the environment around us.

The Mind

The mind is our conscious awareness and is manifested as thoughts, emotions, personality, and interactions with others. On a conscious level, the interpretations and expressions of the mind are shaped by the physical world; however, it is also influenced by the energy of the Divine on a more subconscious level (although we can bring this into our conscious awareness through meditation). Therefore the mind serves as the reception and communication centre between the body and soul.

The Soul

The soul is our creative energy and the essence of who we are. It is the energy of life and the source of our deep connection to the universe, transcending all spiritual beliefs. Our joy and sense of fulfilment with life is rooted deep within the soul. When we allow our creativity to flow and do the things we love, we nourish the soul.

As you can see, the body, mind, and soul are quite distinct from one another, so the question that arises is – how are they so deeply connected? I mentioned earlier that good health is a result of harmony between these three elements, but what does this “harmony” or “balance” even look like? What does it mean to be balanced?

The Connection between the Body, Mind, and Soul

The body, mind, and soul are connected in such a way that they form a cycle in which each one is influenced by the other two. And depending on whether there is a state of harmony or disharmony between these three components, a cycle of health or disease is formed.

The following image illustrates the interconnection of the body, mind and soul through the health cycle.

We start at the soul because this is the essence of our being and represents who we are (our true self).

When we follow our passions and make time for doing things that we love, we are feeding the soul. In this way we are expressing our creativity and following our “path”. In doing so, we feel joy, fulfilment, and peace.

As a result, there is a positive effect on the mind. We express positive emotions and thoughts, and therefore have positive relations with other people. As an extension of this positivity, we express more love not only towards others but also towards ourselves.

This leads into the third stage of the cycle – the body, which is the final, physical manifestation, and therefore a reflection of the mind and soul. With this positivity and love coming from the mind and soul, we are positive and loving towards our body. We take care of our body – our one and only vehicle in this physical world – with a healthy, nourishing diet and by engaging in regular exercise.

By feeling physically well and energized, we are motivated to continue doing the things we enjoy (i.e., feeding the soul) and therefore continue through the self-perpetuating cycle. The result is a vibrant state of health in all three aspects of ourselves, which come together and make us feel whole and well. This is what balance and harmony of the body, mind, and soul is all about.

In the same ways that balance in the body, mind, and soul creates a continuous cycle towards health and well-being, a disharmony between these three components can create a cycle of negativity, which ultimately manifests as disease (demonstrated in the picture below).

In the disease cycle, the soul is “starved” because it feels unfulfilled. We don’t make time for our passions and don’t get any joy from what we do on a day-to-day basis. Oftentimes these feelings are buried deep within and we don’t even realize the state of misguidance we are in (i.e., not following our true path).

If we continue living in this way, over time these feelings will start to grow and become stronger, penetrating into our minds and conscious awareness. We start to have negative thought patterns and experience negative emotions more often. However, we still may not be aware of the real cause of all this, as it is buried within our subconscious and can only be recognized if brought into our conscious awareness (such as with meditation).

Finally, the negative state of the mind becomes manifested in the physical realm through the body. The development of disease arises from the negativity and misguidance in the mind and soul, and exacerbated by physical influences such as a poor diet and overall lack of care for the body. When we physically don’t feel well, confidence and self-esteem can become low, making us feel unmotivated towards change and further perpetuating the disease cycle.

The good news is that we can break free from the disease cycle. Instead of seeing your health struggles as a misfortune, take it as a driving force from the universe to re-align yourself with your true being. Take this opportunity to correct your path and find your bliss. In order to do this, take a deeper look into each of the three components of your being – the body, mind, and soul – and bring about the necessary changes in order to create a state of balance.

I’ve created a free PDF download for you, outlining what constitutes a state of balance in each of the three areas, and things to do in order to get there.

Print it, put it on your phone or tablet, or just keep it handy on your computer so that you can access it at any time, and use it as a reminder for the steps you need to take in order to bring harmony to your body, mind, and soul!

Now I want to hear from you – which cycle do you feel you are currently in? Is there anything preventing you from fully experiencing the health cycle? Share below!