The Solstice energy is a time that provides us with immense healing, profound shifts and massive growth.

It is a time of greater self-awareness and higher consciousness.

It is a time of deeper personal power.

It is a time of knowing and aligning to who you truly are, so that you can elevate into your divine potential.

The June 2021 Solstice is providing us with an incredible opportunity to attune to our desires and create from a place of alignment and potential.

It is bringing forth energetic healing codes that are going to expand our hearts more than we could ever imagine.

It is helping us to see ourselves for who we truly are as divine energetic creators.

It is guiding us in reaching new levels of our truth and potential.

If you are ready to be supported and guided through this powerful Solstice portal, get ready for an incredible workshop that will show you the way!!!

Introducing… The Solstice Workshop

A 3-day intensive workshop that will inspire you, expand you, and help you uplevel into the creative power and potential that awaits.

During these three days, you will experience:

— A powerful healing and code activation, channelled directly from the angels and Divine Universe

— A greater level of awareness and understanding of who you are and your journey ahead

— A deeper connection with your divine essence and creative potential

— The transformative power and knowledge of working with this divine energy and higher light beings

SPECIAL BONUS: The 3rd day of this workshop is a dedicated LIVE Q+A call to bring you guidance and support from the angels and Divine Universe.

If you are ready to experience the transformative power of the June Solstice energy, then this workshop is for you!!!

JUNE 20, 21 & 22

Workshop will be held within a private FB group.

Live calls will be at 11am on 6/20, and 1:30pm on 6/21 and 6/22 (All times are in PDT).

If you are unable to join live, you will get lifetime access to the recordings.

You do NOT need a Facebook account to take full advantage of this workshop! Everything will also be available via Dropbox.

Click the link below to join in on this powerful & transformational workshop for just $149!