The Spiritual You is a 21-day program all about growing your spirituality and your connection with the Universe.

Because when we have that deep spiritual connection with Source, our Creator, the place we came from, we live in alignment with our SOUL.

We know exactly what we TRULY want. We are certain in our path. We live our purpose and fulfill what we CAME here to fulfill.

Having a deep spiritual connection brings you unwavering faith in the love, support and guidance that the Universe provides. It opens you up to Divine love. It opens you up to your intuition, your inner guidance and your unique gifts that you are here to share.

I’m teaching you all you need to know about creating a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and the Universe starting April 11th.

There will be 3 weekly workshops with all of the lessons and practical steps you need to take, plus 3 energy healing sessions to support your growth and spiritual connection.

If you’ve listened to my meditations, then you’ve experienced and know the POWERFUL shifts that can happen with my energy healing work.

Imagine combining THAT with my teachings and practical lessons, which are a combination of my personal experience and the channelled information given to me from the Archangels and my Spirit Guides.


WORKSHOP #1: Understand yourself and who you are so you can get past your blocks

  • Your power is in your self-awareness – bringing light to your subconscious beliefs and emotions (triggers) so that they stop sabotaging you and holding you back.
  • My process for doing the inner work to release blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • How to surrender what you can’t control and have full faith in the unconditional love and support from the Universe.
  • How to deal with difficult feelings and situations from a spiritual perspective by acting from a place of love rather than fear (even when it feels impossible).

WORKSHOP #2: Connect with the spiritual world to receive guidance on your journey

  • How to take your daily spiritual practice to the next level to experience deep connection and alignment everyday.
  • How to connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels, and hear their guidance and loving messages.
  • How to connect with the Archangels and who to call on for each purpose and situation.
  • How to open up and develop your psychic senses (we all have them!).

WORKSHOP #3: You are a spiritual being – how to connect with your soul and inner guidance

  • How to connect and deepen the connection with your Higher Self (the Divine You, that exists in the spirit world and is connected to your physical reality).
  • How to develop and hear your intuition and inner guidance.
  • How to distinguish between your ego voice and your inner guidance, and also TRUST what you hear from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

3 workshops & 3 energy healing sessions, PLUS these amazing bonuses…

>>> Full access to me and channelled guidance from your Spirit Team. Ask your questions any time, I’ll be checking in daily to bring you personal Divine channelled guidance and support. (value: $825)

>>> An energy activated painting each week to attune you to healing frequencies to support you on this journey, plus… GIVEAWAY! Three people will win one of the 3 paintings I create for this program. (value: $261)

>>> Lifetime access to all of the program material (value: priceless!)

AND, if you join by 11:59pm ET on Sunday April 9th, you’ll receive:

>>> FREE 30-min 1:1 session with me, either during or after the program for extra support. (value: $111)

>>> A pre-recorded personal energy healing meditation with the Archangels. (value: $79)

This program + bonuses are valued at over $1800.

But you get it all (and forever) for only $349!!!