I’m so so excited to get back into blogging and to be posting more of my written content to help all of you on this journey of spiritual growth and awakening.

It’s been something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, but it just never seemed to happen. Then, the first thing I heard this morning as I tuned in to channel with the Archangels was to write a blog post!!

I actually had other plans for my day today, like filming YouTube videos to stack up on content for the summer. But as soon as I heard “write a blog post” I was like, “YES!!! THAT is what I’m supposed to do today.”

The videos can wait. They’re not urgent. Not as urgent as this message that I feel my soul is wanting to share and the only way I know how is through this blog.

It’s funny how sometimes we don’t recognize these things until we’re IN the moment. The things that our soul is truly calling for but that, at times, isn’t so easy to discern. My MIND was so focused on the “to do list” and on being “productive”, that I actually kind of forgot to check in with my heart.

What does my HEART want to do today?

That is an amazing question to ask ourselves each morning. But this wasn’t pointed out to me until I heard the words “write a blog post”.

Has that ever happened to you? Where you were set on doing one thing, but then suddenly a completely different idea came to you (or someone mentions it) and you’re like, “YES! THAT’s what I’m going to do today”?

When we follow these kinds of nudges and follow what brings us JOY, that’s when we are living in alignment with our soul. It truly is a matter of following the feeling of joy. The feeling of what truly lights you up. The feeling of, “YES! THIS is the message that my soul has been yearning to share”. It feels so good. And when you follow something that feels good, you’re always following the pathway that your Higher Self has set out for you.

Our feelings are like a navigation system. They show us when we need to heal something within us and they show us what next step forward we need to take.

But it’s also important to recognize when a feeling of fear might try to mask the other feelings of excitement, joy, love and expansion that is the calling of our soul. As you expand and grow on this journey, you are going to be asked to step outside of your comfort zone.

You WILL be stretched. You WILL feel uncomfortable. You will have to step out into the unknown. But the most important thing to remember is that this all leads to your spiritual expansion.

It all leads to your purpose. It leads you exactly to the discovery of who you truly are.

One thing I’ve noticed from the work I’ve done myself and what I guide clients through, is that the discovery of who you are is NOT always a comfortable process. I’d be lying to you if I said it was always comfortable.

But what I CAN say is that the journey of self-discovery and following your heart is:

  • Rewarding
  • Exciting
  • Expansive
  • Abundant

And more than you could have ever expected in your life.

The discovery of your true power and potential is a beautiful process. It can be messy, for sure. But it truly is beautiful. The discovery of your own strength, your Divine love, your power and your soul’s TRUTH is what you came here to do.

And I want you to remember that you are NOT here to do it alone!!!

That’s why I teach about the Archangels and help you connect with them. Because they play a HUGE role in your spiritual growth and expansion.

They can’t do the work for us but they can certainly point us in the right direction. They show us what the next step is and help bring our awareness to what is in alignment with our highest good (like writing this blog post!). The Archangels bring an energy of gentleness, calmness and peace to this journey, so that the chaotic moments don’t seem as chaotic.

They help us heal from our emotional wounds. They help us connect back to our strength and our Divine power. They help us REMEMBER who we are and connect to our soul’s truth.

It is truly amazing to have these beings there for us, 24/7. Angelic beings who see us in our Divine light and magnificence no matter what. Who will stop at nothing to help you see yourself in the same way. Who will continuously remind you over and over and over again who you truly are until you recognize it for yourself. And even then, still remind you again! (I’m SO grateful for those reminders!)

The Archangels are such loving and supportive beings of Divine light and love. So remember that they are here for you to call on at any time. And as I write this, Archangel Ariel and Angel Celeste are stepping forward.

Archangel Ariel is asking you to acknowledge yourself for who you truly are – a Divine being of light. She’s asking you to visualize yourself with that Divine glow and to bask in the energy.

Angel Celeste is here to support you on your path forward. She is here to show you the way towards the next step of your spiritual growth and awakening. Call on Celeste and ask her to guide you. Ask her to show you what you need to do and to bring you the strength you need to take that next step.

Remember how loved and supported you are. Remember that you are never alone. Remember that everything always works out in perfect Divine timing!

Where are you at on your journey of spiritual awakening?

What questions do you have about taking the next step forward?

And most importantly… what does your HEART want to do today?

Leave me a comment below! 🙂

Cristina, The Archangel Channel

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