It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything here on the blog! Getting back into more in depth writing is something that I’ve been continuously guided to do recently, so I’m excited to share what’s on my heart and the messages that the angels have been bringing through!!!

If you follow me on Facebook or YouTube, then you are most likely very aware that we have been going through A LOT of energetic transformation, which has mostly shown up in our lives as very intense energy and emotions.

All of this is for a very specific reason. The purpose of it all is that we are moving into an energy of greater connection and awareness of who we are.

We are being asked to step into and embody a much higher level of our Divine essence. And in order to do that, we have to release old aspects of ourselves that are not in alignment with our Divine being. We are literally shedding an old energetic layer of ourselves, which can feel super uncomfortable.

But I’m not here to talk about that today. What I really want to talk about is the potential that you are stepping into through this process.

You see, every single one of us comes to this Earth with an incredible potential that is held within us. This potential, if we allow it to, can unfold and open up to create amazing experiences, creations and impact here on Earth.

Your soul was meant to leave a legacy, so to speak. It doesn’t matter what “scale” that legacy is on, whether you are affecting millions of people or just a handful. Because what matters is the impact that you create in a person’s life.

You have the power and potential to create positive change. So how do you do that?

By living in the Divine expression of your soul’s essence and potential. Embodying more of who you truly are. Which, like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, is exactly what we are being guided into right now.

The thing that’s important to understand is that each and every single one of us has amazing gifts and abilities to share. And if you are reading this right now, you are most likely aware of your desire of being a healer. Maybe you are already aware of the amazing healing gifts that you have. But even if you aren’t, this calling to serve others in a positive way and to help others heal is an incredibly important mission.

It is NO coincidence why there are so many people awakening to their purpose as a healer at this time. It’s because you are NEEDED!!!

Healing isn’t a direct “cookie cutter” approach either. That’s why there are thousands upon thousands of ways to heal, and why there are thousands upon thousands of healers that are being called to step into their purpose.

The world needs the unique way of healing that only YOU can provide because of your unique gifts and abilities.

Now I know one thing that may be going through your mind right now is that this is all great, but you don’t think you’re ready. Or maybe you don’t FEEL like you’re ready. And I get it.

But one thing that I’ve learned over the past several years of being on this spiritual journey is that we are always way more ready than we think. It’s normal to have fears of stepping into a big purpose, but our heart and spirit wouldn’t be guiding us into a certain direction if we weren’t ready.

Whenever something that we desire to pursue or experience comes into our awareness, it is a direction from spirit to start opening up to creating and welcoming in that “thing” into our lives – whether it’s a new relationship, a travel experience, or living our soul’s purpose and sharing our gifts with the world.

What I’ve also learned along the journey is that the angels and spirit guides will continuously guide us through the nudges and “breadcrumbs” that are left along the path. These are there to help support and confirm what we feel on an intuitive level, with more direct guidance and signs to let us know we are on the right path.

Sometimes those nudges are huge and obvious. Sometimes they are more subtle. The key is for us to open up our awareness to the signs and the presence of the angels, and to know that we are ALWAYS being guided in the direction of our purpose and highest good.

The more we open up our awareness by just paying attention and being willing to receive signs and guidance, the more we will recognize those signs as soon as they show up.

Now if you’re wondering, “But what if I miss a sign because I wasn’t aware of it!” – don’t worry. Because even if the angels have to resort to knocking you on the head with a message or a sign, they WILL make sure that you pay attention and notice. They will not stop with giving us a message until we are aware of it and have received it.

The journey of stepping into your purpose as a healer is one that takes trust, patience and a willingness to grow. It requires a willingness to get uncomfortable because the healer’s journey is one that will stretch you beyond where you thought you could be stretched.

And the result? Massive expansion. Massive growth. Higher consciousness and awareness. And the determination to follow the purpose and impact that your soul is longing to create in the world.

I’m not going to lie and say that it’s an easy journey, because it isn’t. But what I will absolutely 100% guarantee is that the healer’s journey is SO worth it!!!! Because not only do you get to bring your gifts and service to help others, but you are also helping YOURSELF along the way.

Being on the path of the healer is one where healing is experienced on ALL levels, including you. Most IMPORTANTLY you.

Because if you aren’t an active participant in your own healing, then it’s going to be much more difficult to be able to show up and serve at your greatest capacity and potential for others too.

Thankfully, the angels are here to support with this and EVERY aspect of the healer’s journey – both in your own healing, as well as in the healing of others.

Earlier I mentioned that there are thousands of ways that people can bring healing into the world. Now I may or may not be a little bias, but doing healing work with the angelic realms is one of the most powerful things that exists. 😉

In all honesty, I’m not just saying that because I love working with the angels and have a strong connection to them. I’ve experienced many other healing modalities. And there is just something about angelic energy healing work that brings a powerful level of Divine truth, love and peace into play that is VERY supportive and comforting through the whole process.

Also in all honesty, it wasn’t until I started working with the angels for my own personal healing and for others that things really took off in terms of my work as a healer and spiritual teacher.

This is ALSO why over the past 2 years, I have been mentoring and teaching other healers on how to work with the angelic realms so that they can support not only themselves, but their clients through the healing journey and the special work that THEY are here to bring.

Angels can help with healing in any and ALL ways that you can possibly think of. There are really no limits to the type of work that you can do with the angels. Whether it’s working with children, adults, animals, the environment, or any of the other possibilities that you are being called to be of service to others, you can bring in the powerful energy of the angels to support the process.

The other amazing thing is that when it comes to working with the angels, there isn’t a “one size fits all cookie cutter” approach either. Working with angels is just as unique for every single person based on their own gifts, abilities and purpose.

And THIS, my friends, is exactly what the world needs. The world needs more of the Divine peace, love and hope that the angels bring. The world needs to awaken to the love and powerful presence of spirit that exists all around us and within us.

Our responsibility as healers is to bring that connection to them in whatever way we are being called to do so. For many, that way will have a strong tie to angelic energy healing work.

This is where the Angelic Healer Certification Program comes in.

This is my 1-to-1 mentorship and coaching program that supports you in being the confident and powerful healer that you KNOW you are meant to be.

This program teaches you how to work with the angelic realms by helping you to open up and strengthen your gifts and abilities and connection to them.

It teaches you YOUR specific way of healing and working with the angels that is aligned to your purpose and who you truly are as a soul.

It gives you the confidence and strength to share your Divine truth with the world, so that you can step out and serve others in the way you truly desire to serve and make an impact.

This program not only guides you through the process of working with the angels, but it also (and most importantly) supports you in YOUR personal healing so that you can step up into your potential as a healer.

This is why this program is 1-to-1. This is why it’s uniquely tailored to you and your current level of skill and awareness. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to energy healing or you are a seasoned healer.

This program elevates you into your next level of your truth, purpose and potential, so that you can step out into the world and confidently call yourself an Angelic Healer.

If you’ve been struggling with stepping into your purpose, then this program is for you!

If you’ve been struggling in feeling confident in yourself and who you are as a healer, then this program is for you!

If you’ve been feeling the nudge to make an impact and to start serving others through healing but have no clue where to start, then this program is for you!!!

Right now I have 3 spots open to join me in this incredibly powerful Certification Program.

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I would love to hear from you in the comments below – let me know if you are on the path of the healer!! What area do you feel drawn to work in? Who do you feel called to help? Or if you’re uncertain of next steps, let me know what you are most struggling with and I will support you in the best way that I can.

Sending you so much love and blessings,

Cristina, The Archangel Channel