The Archangels are the highest vibration of energy from Source/God/the Universe. They are pure Divine Love and Light, and their role is to help us and guide us as we live and experience our lives here on Earth.

The Archangels are not “exclusive” to anybody. Every single human being is able to work with any of the Archangels, at ANY time. The Archangels are ENERGY, and therefore they are able to be everywhere, all the time.

The Archangels are here to help us on our life’s journey and to fulfill our purpose. They bring us Divine guidance directly from Source. And they always direct us towards our HIGHEST good, which is always the highest good for the collective too.

You see, we are all interconnected. On a physical level, yes, we have our individual bodies. But spiritually and energetically, we all come from one Source and are connected at that level.

Meaning that when, as an individual, you are living in a high vibration – sharing your soul gifts with the world, doing what you were meant to do, and raising your consciousness… you are positively impacting the Collective Consciousness as well.

And the Archangels are there to help us do that. We are NOT meant to go through this alone. We’ve ALL faced challenges in our lives and have emotional wounds. It’s part of our human experience.

But we were meant to rise up from that, and REMEMBER our Divine Self.

The Archangel are ALWAYS here to help you in the most loving and peaceful way. They are here to help us with:

— Healing on all levels (physical, mindset, emotional, spiritual)

— Live our purpose and understand our soul’s truth

— Express our soul’s truth and share it with the world

— Making decisions that are for your highest good

— Manifesting

— Stepping into our spiritual gifts and expanding them

You can call different Archangels for different purposes and in the video above, I show you the process of how you can begin to call on the Archangels and connect with them for guidance and support. The most important thing is to TRUST that they hear your call and are doing whatever needs to be done to support you.

A common question I get is, how many Archangels are there? If you search online or look in the literature, you’ll see that the answer VARIES.

When it comes to anything related to energy and spirituality, I find that every single person has their own unique way of perceiving and understanding the information. There is NO wrong way.

Having said that, I’m going to be sharing the information based on my own perception and the information I am given from the Archangels.

So going back to that question, what I DO know is that so far I have connected and worked closely with 12 Archangels. I also know that there are more that I have yet to connect to and learn about. Everything in Divine timing. ? I’ll be featuring more in-depth information about each Archangel and as I connect with more energies I’ll be sharing everything I learn with you too! <3

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions on this topic. Let me know what they are in the comments!