Archangel Michael came to me today and started talking about the importance of what it means to create the life that you truly desire and using our co-creative powers here on Earth.

This is something that I’ve been learning and diving into A LOT in the last few years. I mean, we’ve all heard about the “Law of Attraction”, right? And the book, “The Secret”?

And yet, it seems that despite the huge popularity of these topics, people are still struggling with creating a life they truly love and experiencing the financial freedom they desire. If we’re all these powerful co-creators with the Universe, then how come it can seem so frustrating and difficult to call in that money/clients/lover/house/car/whatever it is you want…. into your life?

My experience has taught me this…

The MOST important thing you need in this whole co-creation process is TRUST and BELIEF in yourself. I know, I know….. Not those words again!!!

Seriously though, in this world of spirituality and awakening, those words (along with “patience”!) are keywords for a reason.

I never really recognized the amount of trust (more like, lack of trust) that I had in myself until I started to actively manifest the things I desire. The reason I say “actively” is because we are ALWAYS manifesting!!!

Our thoughts are what create our reality. There is absolutely no denying that or getting around it. Wherever you are putting your thoughts, which is energy, you are focusing and expanding the energy in that direction. THIS concept is what the LOA (law of attraction) and “The Secret” focus on.

But it’s only part of the picture.

There is SO much more to manifesting than just thinking “positive thoughts” because that’s what you want to attract.

There’s your sense of worthiness of receiving what you desire.

There’s your ABILITY to RECEIVE what you desire.

There’s letting go of control on the outcome and allowing the Universe to unfold the path for you.

And there’s also TRUST and BELIEF that you can actually make it happen.

And let me tell you, when you start actively manifesting with the Universe, there WILL be moments of questions, doubts and fears. But these moments aren’t meant to throw you off your path. They are there to help you SOLIDIFY your faith and trust in yourself and what you truly desire.

But what often happens is that as soon as there is a bump in the road, or it seems like things aren’t going the right way, or it feels like what you desire to manifest isn’t coming…… we give up. And then we don’t manifest what we desire. And then it seems like we’ve proven ourselves right, and maybe that thing, whatever you were calling in, “wasn’t meant to be”.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from the Archangels it’s that your heart ALWAYS knows the way, and it will always show you the desires that are for your highest good. If you have that deep calling, or that deep desire within your heart, then it means that it’s for your highest good.

That’s why it’s SO important to trust in YOURSELF!!!! Your heart is your compass, giving you the direction that you need to go in.

And it’s your job to stay clear and certain in what that is, and allow the Universe to fill in the details of how it comes to you, how the path unfolds and the final end result of how it appears.

The desires of your heart always guide you. The Universe fills in the blanks and shows you the way.

This is why working with the Archangels to help you with manifesting is SO powerful!!! The Archangels are part of what I refer to as “the Universe”. They are extensions of Source energy, here to guide us on our journey.

If you’re reading this, then you are probably well aware of the immense amount of love, support and guidance the Archangels are here to bring us. They will literally tell you step-by-step the things you need to do to get from A to Z.

When it comes to manifesting, it’s so important to recognize your role as a CO-creator with the Universe. You visualize and have the desires. The Universe shows you the way. You take the action steps to get there.

Manifesting is by no-means a passive process. There are certainly times when you DO need to just sit back, enjoy yourself and allows yourself to receive. But there are other times when you need to take action, get outside of your comfort zone, and do the things that will create the huge forward momentum of energy.

The other thing the Archangels help us with when it comes to manifesting is that they help speed up that energetic momentum. There are SO many amazing ways to work with each of the Archangels, that all adds up to the energy you are putting forth towards manifesting your desires.

Once you master these steps and know exactly the things you need to be doing to manifest, it becomes SO much fun to literally co-create your life EVERY step of the way. It really shifts your energy from feeling like you can’t control what shows up in your life to being FULLY aware and in control of manifesting what you truly desire.

When you tap into this unlimited potential and Divine power that exists within you, it becomes easier and easier to TRUST in the process.

I’ve had my fair share of moments where I’ve been asked to REALLY lean into the trust and assess my own levels of trust and faith in myself. And like I said, when you are pushed to the edge and have fears and doubts that come up, that is your opportunity to STRENGTHEN and deepen your level of trust within yourself rather than give into those fears.

It’s important to remember that this is all part of the process!!!! But the more you do this, the easier it gets and the more fun it becomes to manifest bigger and bigger things into your life.

Remember that the Archangels are here to guide you EVERY step of the way. They are here to help you work through the fears so that you can lean into the trust. They are here to show you what next steps you need to take. They are here to help you heal and be open to receiving the things you truly desire and DESERVE to receive.

After all, we are ALL here to live an amazing, abundant life filled with love, joy, peace and prosperity. This Universe is LIMITLESS. Which means that we are limitless. And the more we can feel that energy within ourselves, the more we experience it in our life.

It all starts with you and deciding to tap into your power and learn what you need to learn to become a true MASTER MANIFESTOR of your life.

I’d love to hear from you…

What is your experience with manifesting?

Have you ever worked with the Archangels in your co-creations?

Let me know in the comments. 🙂

Cristina, The Archangel Channel